Today DeWALT announces a new flagship drill to the 20V MAX line and we just happen to have been testing one.  The DCD995 is smaller, smarter and more economical to its big brother the DCD985.  The 985 is still available as the DCD985M2 with 4.o Ah XR batteries.  The 995 has a new E-clutch that shortens the tool up a bit.  The clutch and drive mode are on the same selector ring which slows you down a tad when compared to the 985’s 2 separate selector rings.  DeWALT is known for their 3 speed drills, they surpass almost every other drill in the versatility department.  For quality jobsite reliability, they are a market leader.

The LED on the DCD995 is the base of the unit just like the other compact XR hammer/drill the DCD795.  It lights up a wider area and makes the tip easier to see than a under the chuck set up. The light remains on for 20 seconds after the trigger is pulled. Ergonomics are what you would expect from a 20V DeWALT tool, they are great!  The DeWALT 20V has one of the most comfortable grips on the market.  The 995 has excellent balance with the included 4.0 Ah batteries which is model number DCD995M2.  The 3 speeds are as follows: 0-450, 0-1300 and 0-2000 RPM.  DeWALT states that this tool produces 650 UWO which is Unit Watts Out, DeWALT’S system of measuring performance.  We were easily able to run a 1″ auger bit through a log in the first speed and in second got a good way in before the overload protection kicked in.

The side handle is made from a composite material which makes it lighter.  The drill weighs approximately 4.7 lbs.  The brushless motor is going to give you approximately 57% more run time than a standard brushed drill.  Combined with the new XR 4.0Ah battery you are looking at some serious run time.  The 1/2″ metal ratcheting chuck really grips down tight on the bits.  DeWALT builds these drills to survive years of job site abuse and the 995 with its all metal transmission should stand the test of time.  Stay tuned for the DCD995 up against the MilwaukeeM18 Fuel hammer/drill in a Friday night tool fight.