We have reviewed a couple different storage systems over the last year.  We have done the L-Boxx, T-Staks and two different Dewalt Tough Boxes (second Article).  So why a third review on the Dewalt Tough System?  Basically Dan has been using this system for a while and I have been using the L-Boxxes.  Recently I have incorporated the Dewalt Boxes into my rotation.  While I still use the Bosch L-Boxxes, the Tough System is different.  I know you’re probably asking which one is better, but if you check out the video below, we did a comparison.  While not a concrete answer to your question, it does give some insight that it really depends upon your need.

I am not going to hit all the stats, you can check out Dewalt for that.  I will let you know Dewalt does offer three different sizes, plus a cart.  So you can find the right solution for your needs.  The boxes are waterproof and very durable.  So let’s jump in and check them out.

There are numerous reasons to love these boxes.  Besides being tough, I love the different options for transporting and setting up these boxes.  If you want to carry one box around, the handle comes in handy.  If you want to carry around two boxes, they stack and lock so you just need one hand instead of having a box in each hand.  Say you want to move more of your boxes and don’t feel like carrying them, then you have the option of using the highly customized cart (dwst08210) for transporting these boxes.  The cart can not only carry your boxes, but if you have heavy items like cement, you can toss that on the bottom platform and move that around with ease.

Dewalt Tough Box 9The Dewalt boxes aren’t just empty boxes, you can customize the boxes to fit your needs.  With the smaller box (dwst08201), you can organize screws or other items in small removable compartments.  You can even unlatch a drop down area to store bits, blades and more. In the larger box (dwst08204) you can store larger items (Obviously), but you can also store screw drivers and more, which is a great feature to help stay organized.

I really like how easy these boxes are to organize and move around, but what I really like is how tough they are and the water protection. When I am going place to place, I sometimes leave tools in the bed of my truck.  I like knowing the fact that when the boxes bounce around or if they get caught in the rain, I know my tools are protected.  I could go on and on about how much I love these boxes and how practical the system is, but I think Dan really covered a lot in his two previous articles, so I won’t bore you.  I do want to let you know if you are looking for tough boxes, then Dewalt hit the nail on the head when they named these.

amazon  Dewalt Tough Boxes


The system is great to protect your valuable investment.  Moving tools around is very easy and the customization of the system is probably the best on the market.  I tried to come up with some negatives to these boxes, but I can’t.  They do exactly what I want them to do and more.