Ladders are a must for any homeowner or contractor.  In fact, there have been so many ladders developed over the years, it’s hard to keep track.  There are step ladders, attic ladders, roof ladders, extension ladders, stair ladders, rope ladders, pool ladders and the list goes on.  I would have to say the coolest ladder is the Multi-Ladder.  For me the Multi-ladder is the best for a bunch of reasons.  Currently, I have an extension ladder, a large step ladder, a short step ladder and a small platform.  If I had a large garage, it would be no big deal, but I hate storing all those ladders.  All they do is take up room.  However I can’t get rid of them because I need one ladder to get on my roof and another ladder for stuff inside the house.  Now with a Multi-ladder, I can ditch all those ladders and just store my multi-ladder.  Another reason the multi-ladder is so cool is because when I go to a job, I don’t have to worry about what ladder I need.  I can just toss one ladder in the back of my truck and be on my way.  No more trying to haul two or three ladders around.  Okay, enough whining about my ladder problem, let’s jump into why you are here and that’s the Werner MT 26 Multi Ladder.

Werner basically owns the ladder market.  Go to any store, look at the ladder section and you will see a Werner ladder.  So why do they own the market?  First, they have been making ladders for a long time, so they know what their doing.  Second, they make quality ladders.  They don’t cut corners, they don’t make junk, they just make a quality ladder, plan and simple.  The MT Multi ladder is no exception.

The MT 26 is their largest of the Multi-ladders and allows a user to set the ladder up in 37 different positions.  Because this is a multi-ladder, it can take the place of four separate ladders.  This ladder can be used as a step ladder, extension ladder, stair ladder and two scaffold bases.  This is a heavy duty ladder that is Type 1A rated which means you can support up to 300 lbs.  Each Rung is double riveted to the rails.  The ladder is made out of aluminum so you don’t have to worry about rust, plus it cuts down on the weight of the ladder compared to other materials.   There are several really nice features to this ladder.  First, is the wide base of the ladder.  At each end of the ladder, it flares out making the base wider and giving the user more stability.  At the bottom of the base, each foot has a slip resistant covering to help protect your surface and prevent the ladder from sliding out when the ladder is properly set up.

Werner MT Multi Ladder 06Now I have to say this is one of the most comfortable multi ladders I have used and one of the easiest to set up.  The rungs are 1′ wide, so stepping up and down is very easy.  The Rungs are flat where you step which also makes it comfortable.  The rails are 2-5/8″, smooth and curved which makes it comfortable holding onto when climbing up or down the ladder.  The best part of this ladder is how easy it is to set up.  Werner designed this ladder with J-Hooks which makes it very easy to adjust the height of each section.  They also lock into place in a snap.  In the middle, there is a push button on each side of the ladder which allows the ladder to be moved from a step ladder to an extension ladder.  Just push them in and walk the ladder out.  They will automatically lock into place once it’s set up.  Even though it locks into place, it’s always good to double check, just in case.

Step Ladder

Werner MT Multi Ladder 19Setting up this ladder to function as a step ladder is a piece of cake.  The ladder can be set up anywhere from 6′ to 11′.  Even when we had the ladder set up at the highest point, it was stable and I felt comfortable being towards the top.  You can really feel the difference with the base being flared.  You can also have a load limit on each side of the step ladder of 300 lbs. (Only when the unit is together as a whole, you can not use them as two separate step ladders).



Extension Ladder

Werner MT Multi Ladder 21The Mt 26 can also be used as an extension ladder and can be set up from 13′ to 23′.  When placing this against a wall, both the top and bottom flare of this ladder make it very stable.  Even at it’s high point of 23′, we didn’t feel much flex in the middle like we have seen with other ladders.   I am going to bring this up, but don’t take my word, check the owners manual.  Using this to get on a roof is great, but for me, I took the top flare piece off the unit.  I will leave it on if I need the extra height.  The reason I took take it off is because it was easier for me getting on and off the roof without the flare.  With the flare on, it is still extremely easy, it was just about comfort for me.  I didn’t feel like I had to step around anything to get back onto the ladder.

Stair Ladder

Werner MT Multi Ladder 14Stair ladder is the third type of ladder this unit can be set up as.  I don’t use that function much, but it’s great knowing I have the ability if I need it.  The unit can be set up anywhere from  6′ to 11′ which makes it perfect to access anywhere on almost any stairs.  Again with the J-Hooks, it is very easy to set up and adjust.




Scaffolding Bases

Werner MT Multi Ladder 16Here is the best option of this ladder, the ability to set it up as a scaffolding base.  You will still need a plank, but having the option is awesome.  I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to work on steady ground, not having to worry about moving ladders and just saving time.  A user can set this up to use at 4’10”.  When we set the scafolding up, this was very solid.  Partly because the flare of the bottom of the ladder and partly because we were using a Werner PA206 plank.  Another nice item when setting this up as scaffolding is you don’t need extra pieces to turn this into two bases like you do with other systems, so nothing to lose.  You can not use these as two separate step ladders.  If you take them apart you can only use the step ladder that is one unit with the push button locks, not the one that has two separate pieces that go together with the J-Hooks.


Ladder Safety

While ladders can make your life easier, they can also be dangerous if you don’t treat them with care.  I am not going to go all into ladder safety, (Check Ladder Safety to learn more), but I do want to bring up three items you should always consider.

  1. Correct Angle – When you place a ladder against a building, make sure you always have the correct angle of about 75°.  To get this angle, place your feet at the butt or bottom of the ladder.  If you can touch the rails with your amrs being straight, you are close to a 75° and are in the correct position.
  2. Rungs – Rungs of the ladder should always be 3 to 5 rungs above the roof line when going onto a roof
  3. Check Ladder – Always check your ladder before you use it.  Make sure there are no bends, breaks or other dangerous problems with your ladder. I know, who does that?  It’s the same thing as you are always supposed to do a walk around of your car and check for bubbles in your tire wall etc, but who does that?  Well….


Multi Ladder Weight

Looking around I see a lot of people complaining about weights of different Multi ladders.  Before you buy a Multi ladder, you have to ask yourself, what will you be using this ladder for?  What is the highest point you will need?  This will help dictate what size ladder you will need.  The smaller the ladder, the less it will weigh.  If you don’t need the MT 26, go with another ladder in the MT line.  It will save space, lower the weight and save you frustration.   For me, I wanted the MT 26 for a couple different reasons.  First, I like the ability to get into higher places with the Step ladder and the extension ladder.  Also, the Scaffolding can sit higher, which helps me on a lot of certain jobs. Personally I like a heavier ladder, well not when I am carrying it around, but when it’s set up.  If I am using an extension ladder, I like the extra weight, it’s more down force on the ground and I feel like less chance of the ladder walking away or sliding out from underneath me.   The Werner MT is a light line considering everything you can do and the stability and safety it offers, plus ease of use.

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Overall I think this is the best multi ladder on the market.  When Werner designed the MT series, they hit a home run.  The ladder is comfortable, easy to use and I feel safe using it.  The ability to have four ladders in one, makes this a perfect ladder to own and with the Werner name behind this ladder, I know it’s quality and it will last me a lifetime.  There isn’t much flex compared to other brands, so if you are looking for a safe, easy to use and functional ladder, the Werner MT Series is it.