You may be wondering why I am writing a Dewalt article and not Dan.  After all isn’t Dan the Dewalt guy?  I know a lot of people think I am the Milwaukee guy and Dan is the Dewalt guy.  To an extent that is correct.  Not because we think one brand is better than the other, but just because for us, well for me it’s much easier.  Dan is the guy who likes to keep his tools new.  For me I still use my tools, not as often, but I still get some side jobs where I can break out my tools and have some fun, I mean work.  To me it would be a pain having a Milwaukee drill, Hilti impact, Bosch rotary and a Dewalt saw.  So that’s why we pretty much settle on Dan as Dewalt and myself as Milwaukee.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have that problem of different battery platforms because I use other manufacturers tools, but I think you get my point.

Dewalt 20V 05Okay, I am not going to bore you with all the stats.  If you are looking for a boring article on the Dewalt Drill or the Dewalt Impact, read Dan’s article, plus I am sure you will love the mispellings (yes I know that’s misspelled, it’s a joke.  I really don’t want to hurt Dan’s feelings, he’s very sensitive).  So back to the question, why am I writing this article?  Well the reason is because I have been using the DCD790 and the DCF886 lately.  So did I get rid of my Milwaukee M18?  No, in fact I still use it and think it’s an awesome drill/driver.  In fact I was just using it the other day to mix up some concrete in a 5 gallon bucket.  While the Milwaukee is a powerful drill, it does have one downside as with all the larger cordless drills on the market and the downfall is the weight ratio.   If I am doing an application that requires that much power, then the weight of the tool is justified.  In fact the tool is extremely light for that much power.  However if I am just drilling holes and putting fasteners in, then the weight and power is too much for that application.  Why try and work with the heavier weight all day when you don’t need that power.  I would much rather work with a lighter tool all day. Well, that’s where the Dewalt comes in to play for me.

I recently borrowed Dan’s Drill and Impact.  I was surprised he let me use it.  Usually he wants to keep it in a plastic bag so it doesn’t get dirty.  I first started using the impact when I was remodeling my bathroom.  He brought it over and actually said, “Go ahead and destroy the tool, I don’t care.”  While I never did destroy the impact, I did get a lot of use out of the tool.  I even ended up dropping it a couple times.  The smaller profile and lighter weight was a huge help for me especially with my girl arms and trying to attach drywall to the ceiling.  After using the impact, I had to give the drill a shot.  I have to say this drill has one of the best ergonomic grips and feel to it.  Have you ever gone back and put your hand in your old baseball mitt?  Well, it feels like that where it just feels like that tool was broken in and designed for your hand.  Again, just because this looks and feels like a compact, don’t let that fool you.  This tool has some serious power.  I like the shorter design which allows me to get into tighter spaces and also the lighter weight saves my arm after a day’s work.

amazon   Dewalt DCK281D2

I am not sure how long the batteries last, but I do know with a constant use, I was never able to deplete the battery before the 40 minute charge time of the other battery on the charger.  All I can say is these have been my go to drill and impact the last few months and have been awesome.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a compact drill and impact, Dewalt offers a huge advantage over other lines.  A brushless motor for longer run time and longevity of the tools.  Compact 2.0 A/h batteries for lighter weight, but still long run times.  Plus features of the bigger tools like metal ratcheting chuck, delayed LED light and great power.