Proto has been on the move lately. After the updates to their ratcheting combination wrench, and ball pein hammer lineups (both reviewed by TIA), they still had some pretty notable updates.






1. Compo-Cast Hammers

Proto CCH 1Proto sent us some of their new Compo-Cast “Deadblow” hammers to check out. These are a redesign of the existing core technology rather than an entirely new product. The new design features an entirely different handle and grip design which boast a more rounded handle with the grip being slightly contoured verses the previous square-ish handle with a checked style grip.

They new design also introduces an updated head design which features a full face on one side, with a slimmer face on the other.


Proto CCH 2

The slimmer faced side has about 1?2″ of additional reach compared to the full faced side (example: full side extends 2-

1?4″ from the handle while the slim side extends 2-3?4″), which doesn’t sound like much, but it adds a little to the versatility of the hammer. I suspect any more than that would throw off the balance of the hammer.

While we didn’t get to put our hands on one, Proto also offers a “long reach” model designed for pistons that provides the depth needed to work inside cylinders or around any number of obstacles. While probably being most accurately described as a specialty tool, it could prove indispensable in many situations


Proto CCH 3 (Piston Mallet)Available in various sizes and weights, the new design incorporates the proven performance of the Compo-Cast line, while improving comfort and versatility, making it a worthy change to the Proto line.






2. Proto Service Road Box

Proto CCH 4 (Road Box)Proto has been making tool boxes since before anyone reading this article was born. Over the years we’ve seen lots of changes to them from the various manufacturers, some added versatility, some (think radios and refrigerators) added…..well, they just added. Announced last month, the

Service Road Box combines the organization of a roller chest, with the rugged portability of a site box. At 34” long, 23” high and 24” deep, it provides 6,369 cubic inches of storage space.

With 1200 lb. rated side handles, removable forklift skids, and 400 lb. drawer capacity (per drawer), this box is ready for just about anything you can throw at it, drop on it, or drop it onto. A slide down front cover offers security and, thanks to the rubber seals, your tools are safe from mother nature as well. While we didn’t actually get to try on of these out, the drawers reportedly feature the ability to lock the individual drawers in the in or out position, which adds to the functionality of the box.


3. Premium Impact Wrenches

Proto CCH 5Just last week Proto announced a new line of Air Impact Wrenches. With Titanium housings, “feather triggers”, 360 degree rotating air couplers, and claims of the “highest breakaway torque in the industry”, we can hardly sleep just thinking about getting our hands on one.

The result of months of product field research and testing, they are available in 3?8″, 1?2″ compact, 1?2″ Industrial, and 3?4″ versions. The 1?2″ Industrial model boast an eye opening 1260 ft. lbs. of breakaway torque, while the 3?4″ model has a completely crazy 1560 ft. lb. rating. There are also 2 angled head models available for low clearance applications. Will we see additional air tools in the future? Are they already in the works? Someone probably knows the answer, but I can only speculate. Perhaps Proto will grace us with 1?2″ Industrial and Angle models for review?

New tools aren’t always necessarily good tools, but Proto appears to be listening to their core user base to strengthen their line through improvements to existing products, and entirely new products as well.