A few times a year I get one of the greatest catalogs known to man, the Northern Tool Catalog. It is full of all kinds of goodies from sprayers to drills. You name it they have it. They also have a few in-house brands like NorthStar, Klutch and Powerhorse. I own a few NorthStar products and have been quite happy with them. For 2013 they released a few new redesigned pressure washers like the 3000 PSI model powered by a Powerhorse engine. The unit has quite a few attractive features like low oil shut down, a metal gas tank and a forged brass manifold. These features are usually found on industrial pressure washers with premium engines at almost double the price. The 208cc OHV Honda GX style engine has a cast iron sleeve and is situated horizontally to provide longer service life. The unit puts out 3000PSI at 2.5 GPM through a 25 ft hose. The angled lance made it easier to get under things and into tight areas.

Powerhorse Pressure Washer 6


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Powerhorse Pressure Washer

The unit comes packaged nicely in a box and requires about 20 min to assemble. You will need to add motor oil and it is not included. It does however come with pump oil. Read the instructions especially on how to check the pump oil. You need to remove a breather tube before you can get an accurate reading. The frame is powder coated for long life and the tires are air filled 10″ industrial hand truck style tires. The unit is really stout and is designed to be abused. Engine controls are relatively simple. There is a fuel on and off, choke, throttle and an on/off switch. For times when you store your unit it is best to turn off the fuel and let it run out to make sure there is no gas left that can spoil in the carb

Powerhorse Pressure Washer 2


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Powerhorse Pressure Washer 12

One of the best features is the adjustable pressure knob. It allows you to dial in your pressure depending on the job at hand. You can also use different spray tips to control the stream. This unit only comes with 2 tips, a detergent tip and the green 25 degree tip which is good for general cleaning. I would like to have seen the extra 3 tips that go in the tip storage section at the top of the frame. Although it vibrates, the pressure washer stays planted when running and does not wander all over the place like some other pressure washer I have seen. For our tests it started first or second pull every time and ran strong. I was impressed by the power and cleaning ability of the unit. Maintenance is easy thanks to an easy to remove air filter and a hole in the frame under the oil drain. It has a 2 year residential and a 90 day commercial warranty. For the home owner and the commercial user the $350 3000 PSI 1577110 Pressure Washer is a great buy that will provide years of reliable service.

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