Paslode is well known for their nailers, but many people look at Paslode as having one of the best nailers on the market.  We recently had a chance to get our hands on the PF350S which is an air nailer.  Not too long ago we took a look at the Cordless Paslode Framing nailer which is great for punch list items.  If you are looking to do framing and need power and reliability, this Paslode is perfect. There are a bunch of features you want to look for when buying a framing nailer such as the ability to sink a nail every time, great balance, large capacity for nails and reliability.  This Paslode meets all the above criteria, plus more.

This framer weighs 7.5 lbs and is well balanced, plus the cushion grip is a nice added feature.  The 30° magazine has a nail capacity of 84 nails or 2 strips and accepts 2″ to 3 1/2″ nails.  The magazine also utilizes an end load with bypass follower.  The compact design lets the user get into tight spots which is always a key.  A couple other key features are the tool-free depth change and a metal exhaust cap which provides durability.  Paslode implemented a dual mode trigger which lets the user easily switch from single or rapid fire depending upon the application.  One thing I really like about this nailer is the lockout feature.  When you’re jamming and hitting nail after nail, it’s easy to keep firing your nailer, but not actually sinking nails because you are out.  With the lockout feature, this prevents you from dry firing.  You know the framer is out and needs to be reloaded.  There are plenty of times you use your framer in higher spots, so Paslode designed this with a rafter hook to hang anywhere.  One cool idea with the rafter hook is it is easy to fold away if you don’t want to mess with the hook.

Paslode Framing Nailer 17Reliable Services is in the process of building a house and they are framing, so what better way to get hands on experience with this framer.  We took it over there and let them use it while they were framing.  After showing it off, they showed us their older Paslode they were using for over 12 years.  All we could hear was good things about the older nailer.  In fact, they only had to rebuild the nailer once and that was because they were doing a job in Michigan and got sand in the piston.  As you can see by the video and pictures below, they were driving nails left and right without any issues.  In fact they liked the nailer so much, we didn’t have a choice and we left it with them.  I asked if they would keep Dan instead, but they said they wanted something that worked and didn’t get in the way.

If you’re looking for a reliable nailer that has power and great balance, the Paslode PF350S is a great choice.  As you can see, the guys at Reliable Services in the Chicago area have been using an older Paslode nailer and they rely on Paslode.  The guys were very impressed with the nailer and included it in their daily tool arsenal.  With a one year warranty and five year limited warranty, it’s hard to go wrong.


Specifications of the Paslode PF350S

Part #502000
Nail Capacity84 (2 strips)
Nail Range2″ – 3 1/2″
Magazine Angle30º
Nail Type30º Paper Tape, full head/clipped
Air Req./80 p.s.i..082/cycle

OP. Pres. p.s.i. (bar)

80-120 (5.5-8.3)
Warranty1-year warranty on everything, 5-year extended warranty