Harbor Freight Tools Clearance Sale: Up to 80% Off

I have never heard of HDX, but I have been seeing it more and more at the local Home Depot.  I know I am not suppose to judge a book by its cover, but every time I pass an end stand that had HDX hand tools, they just kind of looked cheap to me.  I guess its the packaging.  I am not sure Home Depot’s plan with this line.  Not sure if it just has a very high profit margin or it’s their way to compete with Harbor Freight tools.  When we did this review, we really tried to see the good in this compressor as I am sure it is designed for someone out there.  After playing with the compressor, I still don’t know who the target market is for this compressor.

The HDX, model VSP0000201.HDX1, is a 2 gallon compressor and is oil free.  The compressor comes with a couple different accessories, but lacks some of the connectors.  The compressor took 3:20 to fill which is a heck of a long time.  We did a review on the Husky 3 gallon and that only took 1:20 to fill 3 gallons.  The CFM is pretty awful on this unit.  .5 @ 40 psi and .4 @ 90 psi., so don’t expect to use any tools with this compressor.  You can really only fill up your tires or a basketball.  One thing we noticed was how loud this unit it.  Almost loud enough where you should wear ear plugs, well not that loud.  The one plus about this compressor is it has an aluminum tank, so it is a little lighter than the steel tanks.

Overall I still don’t know who this system is geared towards.  You can’t run any tools of this thing and for a little more money you can get something much better.  If you want a tire pump, there are products that are much smaller and cheaper that would do just the same thing.  I would spend a little more money and get a nice husky unit or something else.  If this unit is any indication of the other tools HDX is releasing, I would have to say this is a short lived brand.  Not sure what this says about Home Depot carrying this item, but this is a compressor we do not recommend.