I love grinders. but have always hated the use of a wrench/spanner to change the wheel.  I know hate is a strong word, but have you ever lost your tool to change the disc and spent hours looking for it?  Metabo has changed grinding technology forever with its innovative tool-less wheel nut change.  They have also added a feature that they call QuickProtect, basically it is a big momentary paddle switch, when you let go the power is cut.  This feature does make the tool safer, but I would like to have also seen an electronic brake here.

Apart from the spindle, the guard is also tool free, you simply depress a lever and turn to the desired position.  The motor and design sport a host of features like a torque limiting clutch, soft start and winding protection.  Metabo has integrated auto balancing technology which not only reduces vibration for the user, but also extends tool life.  The  side handle can be screwed into either the left or right side of the tool and has an integrated Vibra Tech vibration reduction system.  10,500 rpm is the no load speed for this tool and a red LED light turns off when the tool has reached this speed.

The 12 Amp grinder is powerful and cut through 1″ rebar with no issues for grinding it was easy to control.  As far as vibrations go, you could hardly feel them.  The balance was good, however I thought the handle felt a bit oversized.  The paddle switch has a safety lock that you need to depress to activate it.  The unit  weighs 4.4lbs and is comfortable even on the longest of jobs.  Metabo has a 3 year warranty.  If you work with metal and want the best, Metabo is the way to go.