Before I even start talking about this saw I have to state that Eric stole the Dewalt DWE575 from me.  Yes, that is right “Mr Bosch and Milwaukee” liked it so much he took it!  He gave me some excuse that he needs it for a job blah blah blah..  I will never see it again, luckily it is a bargain at around $100.  Just the fact that he took the saw should tell you that it is an awesome circular saw.  At 8.8 lbs it is one of the the lightest 7 1/4″ circular saws that I know of.  One thing that I have noticed with Dewalt’s saws are that they are powerful and precise.  The DWE575 does not disappoint, it has a powerful 15 amp motor that cuts material up to 2 9/16″ thick.

The base is made out of  high grade aluminum that has clear easy to read markings throughout.  The saw has a 57 degree beveling capacity with stops at 45 and 22.5 degrees.  The cord has what DeWALT calls a Tough Cord base, you could literally swing this saw around your head and it will not damage the cord.  Of course we don’t recommend you do that, when you are lowering the tool off of a roof you can be assured you are not damaging the cord connection.  For quick blade changes the tool is stored on the back in a slot that holds it snuggly into place.

The tool produces 5200 rpm under no load conditions and 2,200 unit watts out.  UWO is a formula that DeWALT uses to measure the power of its tools. This might help explain it:  “Torque ? time to complete applications Power = Speed & Torque output under load Max Watts Out (MWO) = Power of the motor Unit Watts Out (UWO) = Power of the total drill”.  Confused yet?  You’re not alone pretty much everyone is confused at UWO.  The industry standard is foot and inch pounds of torque and every other tool manufacturer uses this standard of measuring the power of their tools.

This saw is light and well balanced, we felt confident going through all sorts of material.  Eric liked the position of the front handle, he said it was in a perfect position.  The guard rotated easily and smoothly thanks to the ball bearing system.  The side discharge shoot is great also to get debris out of the way of you and your work fast.  The guard on this saw is top notch, it slides out of the way with silky smooth precision like it isn’t even there.  So to wrap it up, the DWE575 is a great job-site saw at a great price.  Like all DeWALT tools it is covered by a 3 year warranty.