We have been receiving a lot of emails about our tool fights and when we will be putting the Milwaukee against the Dewalt Impact Drivers.  Well we listened and gave it a shot.  Now before the emails come in saying we did this wrong or that wrong, let’s get a couple things straight.  We are not engineers, we are not scientists.  We are just two dudes who love tools and have fun with them.  There are so many ways to test tools such as torque, battery life and more.  Again, we are just having fun and yes we know one of the sockets were deep and the other one wasn’t.  Again, we are just having some fun.  The other thing we hear a lot is we are Dewalt lovers and try to make Dewalt win everything.  That’s not true.  Dan is a huge fan of Dewalt as you can see by the wall behind us.  However I am a huge fan of Milwaukee.  I work with my tools for a living and use mostly Milwaukee and Bosch everyday.

So for our fun Friday Night tool fight we put the new Dewalt DCF895 against the Milwaukee 2653-22.  Both are 18V and both are brushless.  We set them both to the number 3 speed and ran a 4″ bolt through a 4×4.  Both had 100% full charge on the battery.  All we were doing was to see how many we could drive before the battery died.  We also wanted to see what else we noticed.  When you look at the stats, they are very close so we really didn’t expect one tool to blow the other away.

We just bought a new Cannon 60D camera so we wanted to get some great footage.  However we really don’t understand the camera and for some reason it shut off after a certain amount of time.  We still captured most of it on video.

As you can see we pretty much started at the same time.  One thing that really surprised us was both drivers died at the same time.  Dan still had a little juice, but it wouldn’t move the bolt.  Another thing we noticed was at the beginning the Milwaukee smoked the Dewalt in terms of speed and driving the bolt.  As time went on the Dewalt had more of a consistant speed and caught up.  In the end the Milwaukee ran 33 bolts in and out, while the Dewalt did 34 bolts.  Again, not a huge difference.

You can see the stats below and the video of the fight.  As you can see the stats and outcome were very close, so we really don’t have a clear winner.  We do have a clear whiner and that would be Dan.



Tool Fight Line Up

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