Multi-tools have come a long way since I was a kid.  I remember the Swiss Army knife, it had a tooth pick, knife and some other things that made it pretty cool.  Now-a-days the knives are designed better, they have a better grip, better materials and are shaped to fit your hand.  There are a lot of companies that make these tools, but Coast put a spin on their Multi-tool by including, not one LED light, but two.

For me a Multi-tool is something I like carrying around, on-site or off site.  It doesn’t replace any of my tools, but it’s one of those handy tools that is easy to carry around and chances are you will need it often.   The tool comes with a nice case you can attach to your belt.  I like the fact it has both a button and velcro to fasten this to your side.  The Coast LED pliers are especially cool because at each end there is a light.  The tool doesn’t have to be open to use the light.  Just push the button once and the LED light comes on.  Push it again and the other light comes on.  Open up the handles and you have a handy pair of pliers.  If you are in a tight spot and there is a shadow or it’s dark, the LED does a nice job putting light on your work.

On one side of the handle you have a full size knife that is partially serrated.  This is one of the easiest knives to open.  You can open and close it with one hand, always a handy feature.

On the other side of the knife you have your scissors, Philips, flat head and bottle opener.  The Philips and small flat head are very easy to open.  Just push down on a small black lever and they are easy to access.  The larger screw driver isn’t bad either and is easy to open.  However the scissors and the other blade are nearly impossible to open unless you have the other tools open.  If you have longer fingernails, they might not be too bad.

Considering most multi-tools have a couple areas that are hard to access, we can’t complain too much.  Overall the tool is very nice and handy.  The whole tool closed is about 4″ and the lights will stay on for about 10-15 hours before the batteries die.  If you’re looking for an inexpensive knife that will give you the tools you need, this is hard to beat.  The tool fits nice in your hand and the rubber grips help keep your hand on the tool.