What’s going on now-a-days?  No matter where you look everything is being made in China.  Yes we know it’s cheaper and sometimes companies don’t have an option if they want to stay competitive, but come on where does it stop? Well it seems that is the approach Channel Lock has taken with their Code Blue Line. Enough,  let’s bring it back.


Channel Lock recently announced they are bringing back the production of their soft grip to the United States.  The Code Blue line has always been forged in Meadville, PA, but the grips haven’t.  For a while the grips were being made overseas, I think China, but I am not 100% sure.  Over time people started to notice.  The grips would wear out quicker and even slide off the tool.  Channel Lock decided to put an end to all this.  They are keeping the same facility in Meadville to forge the line, but now they are also going to start buying from a local contractor in Meadville.  Evolution Molding Design will now start producing the redesigned grips for the Code Blue line.


The new grips feature a composite thermoplastic elastomer cores and overmolds that give the user a better grip, better comfort and more durability.  So now Channel Lock can truly say these are 100% American Made.  Now if we can only get President Obama to think like this, we’ll all be set.