OK maybe I went to far by saying it’s the world’s best laser.  I am sure the government has a pretty cool laser that shoots down from space to zap people.  I would have to say that would be the best laser.  As far as a contractor’s laser for building, the Bosch GLL3-80 does have to be the best laser around.  With this laser, the sky is the limit.  You can frame, tile, hang cabinets and more.

So what makes this laser so cool?  You can see by the pictures below, there are actually three laser lines, horizontal and vertical.  This means a user gets a true 360° full plane coverage with 6 cross points.  Come on how cool is that?  What can’t you do with this laser?  OK maybe you can’t order a pizza with it, but it does just about everything else.

As you can see, the tool has a laser in the front, top and side.  The user can select up to four different line configurations depending upon the job.  This laser is a piece of cake to use as there are only three total buttons.  When the system is in the off mode, everything locks up to make transporting the unit safer, plus the case has a lot of foam to protect the tool.  The unit is powered by 4 AA batteries.  To save battery life, the unit will automatically turn off in 30 minutes without use.  On the side, just move the switch to the first position and the unit turns on and locks the lines.  This way the user can adjust exactly where they want the lines. Move the switch over one more time and now you have the self leveling option in full force.  The unit is self level to ±4°.  If the unit gets jarred or moved, you will hear an audible beep, plus the line will flash as a visual indication.  The user can stop the beeping noise by just holding the top two buttons down.  This was useful because as we where shooting the track into the floor, the vibration would move the laser.  Instead of turning the laser on and off, we could just silence the laser.

amazonBosch GLL3-80 Laser.

On the top of the laser, there are two buttons.  One to use with a pulse receiver. We didn’t use a receiver, but when you press the button, there is a green light that shows you have this mode on.  The other button is to select what line a user wants.

The system has two magnets.  On the front of the laser, there are two magnets which is prefect for attaching it to track and keep the line running true.  On the free standing base, there is also a magnet which is very strong.  The free standing base also lets the user raise and lower the unit to make fine tune adjustments.

When we framed out the basement, this laser played a huge roll for a couple of reasons.  First it made the job much quicker.  We could set up the laser and have one guy laying bottom and top track one way, while the other guy worked  another wall.  The beam was very easy to see.  Yes we were in a basement, but even where the spot lights hit the ceiling, you could still see the line and make sure you were even.  The second item was when we were using this, we knew we could be confident all our walls would line up.  The top track would hit the bottom track.  We didn’t have to worry about stopping and making sure the tracks were plumb.  Just follow the line and your done.

The tile was even easier and we produced a great finished product.  All the grout lines were matched up evenly and could set it so minimize our tile cutting.  I can’t wait to use this on the cabinets, chair rail and more.

We found this laser for an average price of $450 which is a lot cheaper than big rotary levels.  How can you go wrong with a name like Bosch, 360° of leveling fun and a tool that even a 3 year old could operate.  This will be the last laser you will ever have to buy.  It’s durable, accurate and does everything you need, plus it comes with a three year warranty.


Specifications of the Bosch GLL3-80

AccuracyUp to ±1/4-in @ 100-ft
Laser DiodeClass II 630 – 670 nm
Leveling TypeSelf-Leveling, Up to 4°
Mount Threading1/4-20, 5/8-11
Operating Temperature14° F / -10° C up to 104° F / 40° C
RangeUp to 65-ft (Indoors)
Weight (lbs.)1.7


What’s Included

  • Bosch GLL3-80 360 Degree 3-Plane Leveling and Alignment Line Laser
  • WM1 Positioning Device for Line and Point Lasers
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Hard Carrying Case