Spring and Summer are awesome because we get to do our lawn and garden reviews.  When you build quality products, you get brand loyalty.  Troy-Bilt started building rototillers in 1937 and has acquired loyal users ever since.  I am one of those loyal users.  The Neighborhood Rider is the size of a wide cut mower, so it can get into those tight areas.

Manufacturer – Troy-Bilt

Model – TB30 R Neighborhood Rider

The TB30 R is about the size of a standard walk behind wide cut mower, it can get into the tightest of situations with ease.  The TB30 R is powered by a Briggs and Stratton 11.5 HP motor with a simple choke/ throttle lever.  Push the throttle all the way forward to the choke position and turn the key.  That is all you need to start the mower.  It has a nice look to it and a quality feel all around.  A large cup holder will hold your beverages for you on those hot days.  The mesh covered seat allows it to stay cool and breath.  It also swivels to the side to allow the operator to get on and off easily.  The seat is mid-mounted and like Eric said in the video it gives a smoother ride.  We were both surprised at the level of comfort the seat had.  Lifting the seat up gives you access to the oil dipstick.  The steering wheel telescopes into 3 positions depending on your style and overall the mower is quite ergonomic and comfortable.

A 6 speed transmission will get you up to 4.25 mph, in tight areas this can sometimes be a little too fast.  Luckily you can control the speed via the foot pedal and or the 6 speed selector which is located on the lower right of the steering column.  Forward, neutral and reverse are located at the base of the seat.  The TB30 R handles well and has a tight 18″ turning radius, perfect for around small trees.  The low impact tires tread lightly,  but still have enough traction to get you out of a wet area if needed.  When in neutral the mower was a breeze to push around the garage and the small size took up hardly any space.  Keep in mind the TB30 is for flat lawns only,  use on uneven or hilly terrain above a 12 degree slope is dangerous.

The Neighborhood rider can do most everything other big box store tractor’s can and it can go where other tractor’s won’t .  It has a hitch, which we immediately took advantage of.  We pulled our Agri-Fab aerator and roller around the yard, towing up to 400 lbs behind the unit, which I am sure is in excess of the recommend “Light accessories”.  Still apart from a little under steer and slow downs in the drainage ditch, it pulled it flawlessly!  The 30″ deck has a manual PTO lever that engages the blades and right next to that are the 5 Deck positions.  The cut quality was good and the mower had no issues, even going through tall grass.  On angled terrain we could feel some frame flex.

The fuel fill is easy to access and also uses the clear plastic tank as a visual gauge.  Oil changes are simple with the included drain hose.  For those of you that like to mulch, for under $20 you can get the mulch kit accessory and they also offer a bagger.  The Lowes Service Advantage covers this product, if you have any issues just call the number on the back of the unit.  The Neighborhood rider is good for flat lawns only.  Anything with more than a 12 degree slope is not recommended.

The simple starting and operating controls make the TB30 R perfect for any home owner to operate.  Plenty of power and the ability to tow light accessories make it more than just a lawn mower.  Built by a brand that is known for durability the Troy-Bilt TB30 R Neighborhood Rider is a top pick for flat lawns 1 acre and under.  More info via Troy-bilt and via Lowes


  • 2 Year – Extended Service Contracts are available through Lowes