A bench vise has many uses and is a must have in any garage or workshop.  Wilton makes some good vises and we recently came across the 745 5″ vise.  It has a 5″ Jaw Width, 5-1/4″ Jaw Opening and a 3-3/4″ Throat Depth.  The swivel base moves freely and quickly locks via double lock downs.  Both the steel top and pipe jaws are easily replaceable with a Phillips screwdriver.

This vise was built to last and has a quality powder coat finish.  There is no need to grease this vise, it uses a permanently sealed system.  Basically the grease stays in the shaft where it belongs.  The 53lb vise can be secured to a bench using the 4 mounting ponts at the base of the unit.  It has a large anvil work surface that is perfect for straightening metal.

The vise is very smooth to adjust and stays tight on your work.  When we cut some pipe with a reciprocating saw, the pipe remained solid with no vibration.  Wilton has a lifetime warranty on this vise so it will be the last vise you ever buy.   Check out Wilton.