Ok who hasn’t seen a Little Giant Ladder Infomercial?  They are plastered all over our TV late at night and I have to admit I like watching them.  But do they work?  Well I have to say right away that I am a firm believer in the Little Giant Ladder.  My father has had one for years, it has never failed and the versatility of it is un-matched.  The lifetime warranty is awesome!  From home owner to contractor this ladder is a must have.

The only downside I see to the ladder is it is a bit bulkier and heavier than most other ladders, but then again no other ladder can do what the Little Giant can do.  You can split the ladder into 2 step ladders that hold up to 300 lbs each.


The Mag4 hinges have 4 locks for added safety.  They are spring loaded and automatically lock into the desired position.  The Rock Locks easily lock into the open position until you reach your desired height.  Then a slight smack of the palm engages the lock back into position.  In all the Little Giant Xtreme pictures we have seen the Rock Locks were orange, ours just had a steel look.  Although the ladder did not pinch us it certainly looks like it could, be careful around the locks and ALWAYS make sure the ladder is locked into position before operating it.


The Xtreme comes with the AirDeck safety handrail and tool tray, this helps you retain your balance when you’re on a high step and also hold your paint and tools.  A really cool thing is the magnetic tray, so if you’re replacing a ballast or fixture it will help you retain your hardware.  The AirDeck is easily attached via 2 orange locks on either side.


The Comfort Step is great for when you stand for long durations.  I felt confident putting all my weight on the step thanks to the thick cable and quality hardware.  The step folds up when you fold the ladder.


The Tip and Glide wheels allow you to easily maneuver the 34.5lb  ladder to where you need it.  This is great for electricians in big buildings when they have a lot of ground to cover.  The wheels are rubber and did not mar up our wood or tile floors.


The steps on the ladder have awesome grip.  Every step has precise grooves that grip your shoes.  You feel firmly planted walking up this ladder.


The ladder fully extended gives over 17′ of reach.  The ladder flexed a little bit at the length, but nothing that was a concern.  The ladder is wider on the ends which give it unmatched stability.

The ladder is great for stairs and almost any situation you throw at it.  You can even use it as a plank platform. When used correctly it is one of the safest ladders on the market.  For the home owner this is the only ladder you will ever need and for the contractor it’s a blessing!  I truly believe in the Little Giant Ladder and the Xtreme is feature packed.  It has a lifetime warranty and is a quality tool.