We recently did a review of the DeWALT DCD980L2 and DCD780C2.  Now we have the  20V  hammer drills DCD985L2 and DCD785C2.  They are basically identical to the DCD980L2 and DCD780C2 except for they have a hammer drill feature.  So rather than write another identical review and add about the hammer drill feature, I decided to approach this a bit different and give you a comparison of sorts.

Old Left – New Right

If you haven’t read our review of the non hammer drill versions you can here.  That review applies to these tools also.  Now let’s talk about the flagship DCD985L2 Premium 20v Hammer Drill Driver.  I have always been a fan of the DeWALT 3 speed drill and have a DC988 that I recently upgraded from the XRP NiCD to a XRP lithium-ion battery.  The DCD985L2 is close in size and weight to the DC988 and makes the DC988 look outdated.  The main feature that sticks out is the 20V’s grip,  I still cannot get over the grip, it is like it was made just for me!  Ergonomic and surrounded by over molded rubber, it is comfortable with or without gloves.  Now when I grab the old drill it feels wide and not as comfortable to hold even though I have used it for years.

The DCD985L2 is rated at 450 Unit Watts Out and its 3 speed transmission can produce (0-600 RPM; 0-1,250 RPM; and 0-2,000 RPM) and (0-9,775 BPM/0-22,950 BPM/0-34,000 BPM).  The ratcheting chuck grips well thanks to carbide teeth.  Unlike its predecessor, you can retain your driver clutch setting when selecting between drill and hammer modes.  We are still lacking any type of battery fuel status indicators for the 20V line.  However, there is an LED at the front of the tool that is turned on via the trigger and remains on for 20 seconds.  The chuck does cast a shadow so it  works best for general wide area illumination.  It comes with a nice hard case, a 1 hour charger, 2 3.0 AH batteries (works with 1.5 AH packs also) and a twist lock ring style handle which works great.  There is no belt clip or bit holder included with this kit

The DCD785C2 is a hammer drill version of the DCD780C2, the head is a bit longer to incorporate the added feature and it weighs a hair more than its non hammer drill counterpart.  This drill does include a belt clip and bit holder :}.   A 15 setting clutch and 2 speeds provide 0-600/0-2000 RPM and 34000 max BPM.  2 1.5 AH batteries and a one hour charger all fit in the included case.  350 Unit Watts Out is what DeWALT says this tool puts out.  The drill performed awesome and had plenty of power for every task we used it in.

In one situation where I was drilling into a plow assembly, the plastic chuck was gouged due to it rubbing in a tight area, which now makes me a fan of metal chucks.  The trigger activated LED stays on for 20 seconds.  It has awesome power and puts 20V power in small spaces where you need it!  Overall, I like both drills and they are my main drills of choice.  They are covered by DeWALT’s Standard warranty.  Check out the entire DeWALT 20V line up.