How many times have you been cleaning with your garden hose and wished you had a little more reach?  or a little more power?  Well Briggs and Stratton were thinking the same thing.  Think of the Amplifi as the medium between a garden hose and pressure washer, three times the pressure, 4.5 times the force and two times more flow.  According to Briggs and Stratton it is the first product of its kind that Amplifies your water pressure and stores your hose.

The unit is made out of ABS plastic and designed to store a 75′ hose on the top.  A 35′ GFCI cord runs power to the unit and they also include a 15′ inlet hose so you can hook it up to your spicket.  The unit has 2 wheels on the bottom and they included a bar that you can attach to tote it around.  The 5 setting spray wand has 3 power settings that shoot up to 30′ away and 2 that are unpowered for flower watering, etc.  The wand holds 4 AA batteries that power the chemical injection pump.  Adding detergent is easy.  Fill the container with your favorite detergent, hit the button on the front and you’re spraying.

The unit is on demand, meaning the pump only turns on when you pull the trigger.  The pump is relatively quiet and provides a good amount of power.  Since this is not a pressure washer, there is no psi rating.  We cleaned a UTV, washed some windows on the side of the house and even knocked an old bee hive that was 2 floors up.  The Amplifi can be left outside in temperatures above 32 degrees.  It is perfect for patios and it doesn’t look gaudy.  The unit costs $199 at Lowes.  Overall, the unit is good for the homeowner who wants fast, accessible water with the power to clean.  The Amplifi has a 90 day warranty which we consider to be substandard.  Every product should have at least a 1 year warranty!

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