As you know I have upgraded my cordless tools to Milwaukee.  I now have the Milwaukee 18V and the 12V line.  I usually only get the tools I really need, but in this case I had to have both the Milwaukee 18V Cordless Radio and this M12 cordless radio.  I tend to use the M12 inside and the 18V outside.  

The unit is powered by Milwaukee’s M12 battery.  The unit does not charge the battery which is understandable since I believe Bosch has the patient on this technology.  Besides the radio comes with a power cord in case the battery goes dead while jamming out to some tunes.  When I first put my hands on this radio, I wasn’t expecting much since it is very small and light.  The system only weights 3.5 lbs and is 10.5″.  I grew up in the late 70’s and 80’s, so I was use to bigger speakers being better.  They just put out a better sound quality and were louder.  So after inserting a battery into the bottom of the unit, I have to say I was very surprised how loud it was and clear.  The reception of the radio is not bad, but I live about 40 miles from Chicago, so we have lots of stations.

The unit will play your MP3 player which is cool.  Again it will not charge your MP3 player and you have to control it from your phone as the top of the radio only controls the tuner, volume and EQ.  The radio does have ten presets.  The screen is nicely light by an orange background color.  On the display you can see the station, volume, preset number, time and battery life.  When the player is off you see the time and battery life.

The speaker are weatherproof made from aluminium for durability.  Also on the outside are two handles on the left and right which come in nice when carrying it along with twenty other things.

The radio comes with a five year warranty, which is good.  Overall I really like the radio and it did surprise me.  I do wish the tuner and volume used knobs instead of a push button, but I know some people do like the push buttons better.