Milwaukee M12 Radio

As you know I have upgraded my cordless tools to Milwaukee.  I now have the Milwaukee 18V and the 12V line.  I usually only get the tools I really need, but in this case I had to have both the Milwaukee 18V Cordless Radio and this M12 cordless radio.  I tend to use the M12 inside and the 18V outside.  


The unit is powered by Milwaukee’s M12 battery.  The unit does not charge the battery which is understandable since I believe Bosch has the patient on this technology.  Besides the radio comes with a power cord in case the battery goes dead while jamming out to some tunes.  When I first put my hands on this radio, I wasn’t expecting much since it is very small and light.  The system only weights 3.5 lbs and is 10.5″.  I grew up in the late 70’s and 80’s, so I was use to bigger speakers being better.  They just put out a better sound quality and were louder.  So after inserting a battery into the bottom of the unit, I have to say I was very surprised how loud it was and clear.  The reception of the radio is not bad, but I live about 40 miles from Chicago, so we have lots of stations.

The unit will play your MP3 player which is cool.  Again it will not charge your MP3 player and you have to control it from your phone as the top of the radio only controls the tuner, volume and EQ.  The radio does have ten presets.  The screen is nicely light by an orange background color.  On the display you can see the station, volume, preset number, time and battery life.  When the player is off you see the time and battery life.

The speaker are weatherproof made from aluminium for durability.  Also on the outside are two handles on the left and right which come in nice when carrying it along with twenty other things.

The radio comes with a five year warranty, which is good.  Overall I really like the radio and it did surprise me.  I do wish the tuner and volume used knobs instead of a push button, but I know some people do like the push buttons better.




  1. I bought this radio to replace my old radio which gave up the ghost. Great excuse to get the radio which takes the M12 battery as I have a couple of those M12 tools already. Frankly this radio is awesome! the fidelity is great, especially in such a light, yet sturdy unit.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  2. in bargain spot little store in my town ,browsing around seen
    milwaukee m12 radio for 75.00 ..went home priced it on internet.
    94.00 cheapest could find..ran bought it ..working porch jamming
    on radio…hmmm wonder if my phone will fit in compartment ..
    samung blaze its tight ..cord hole on top ..turned upside down
    not in elastic band ..wedge in diagonal.lid happy because
    thought have to use with door open.have dewalt dc12 ..little guy
    sound better on fm and mp3..put this in my black 3 drawer waterloo
    toolbox in to spare..wanting to by the m18 glad
    found this red rocker today..m12 battery lasted 8 hours..found out
    cord from my 12 volt otc memory cord fits i can run on this unstead
    of m12 battery…or use my jumpn carry with cord to
    going put some more mp3 on phone…rock out all day working on porch.
    has plenty of sound for me..used dewalt one long time..tell different
    night and day..little red rocker is real close in sound to my boston
    accoustics radio alarm ..sounds amazing for size..had for 7 years now
    500.00 alarm clock lol..bose same time played metallica fade to black
    fast passage in song distorted on bose ..played perfect on boston small
    radio..sent bose back on that.back to m12 radio played rap, hard rock.
    yes fade to black..adjusted eq bass 2 treble 3..has some thump..only
    day one for me..jamming tommorow..speakers last on me ..this will
    jobsite radio.size to sound won me fitting in
    although very tight..dewalt phone sit on top..gee inside door nice
    first for me…see how little rocker lasts..does last.. m18 radio will
    keep off loved rocking with this..omg 75.00
    one on shelf…lol drop by this store more often..sell tools..sockets.
    ratchets..screwdrivers..also buy tools..craftsman and snap.on..tried
    sell some gearwrench..not want to buy..told him gearwrech rocks .
    have alot of them..never broke one..pulled hard those ratchet
    wrenchs ..favorite ones long long ones ratchet one end ..closed
    end with outer ridge.know theres name for wrench..forgot..keep
    geawrench in my rollaway can turn nose up on gearwrench
    i don,t care..keeping all mine..wrenches ,pass through sockets.duplicates trying sell.craftsman full socket set, wrenches,
    pliers sets.also not tied one brand..have sk breakerbars and craftsman.
    sk turbo sockets.mac t-handles new bought at pawn now
    keep on m12 radio..took me 3 years to build tool collection ..fluke automotive meter..power probe newest one to add..wrong m12 radio newest
    one..use it loud ..hope it last..rocking to it now..putting more albums
    on phone..test play time tomorrow with otc professional memory saver hook to it working on never ending porch far really liking
    this in action rocks.

  3. like to add miwaukee adapter plug in.. ac is output 13.5 m 1.2a
    using otc memory saver 12 volt lead acid battery 12 outlet..testing
    myself …wanted to say what im doing ..could hurt the radio with
    output being different…fry radio ..on me..afford to replace..
    98 percent work fine running off otc..jumpncarry 12 volt outlet.
    trying see if works longterm…please keep using battery be on
    safe side..unless your ok on testing as i am..curious to see..cost
    me another..lesson learned .so mine stii works in 6 months using
    this power it.risky what im doing..maybe .let me find
    out far 2 hrs on otc..12 volt outlet..test longterm.those
    with m12 radio please use battery or ac adapter.been warned.later

  4. I just pick up one of these radios myself. Wow! I am impressed with this little sucker’s sound quality. The FM tuner gets great reception even within the basement I am working in. I really like the size. It is much easier to carry that my Dewalt radio. I only wish it charged the m12 batteries.


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