Update 10-12-2011 – We have been seeing and hearing a lot of problems with this pressure washer.  People have told us they can’t get it to start, oil leaks, gas leaks, doesn’t stay running and more.  Our machine no longer runs.  Currently we suggest not buying this unit.  


Original Post 

Well this is starting to sound like a broken record, but as you know our timing on our articles are incredible.  Here we are, just about to enter fall and put our pressure washers away for the year and guess what?  Tools in Action is doing a pressure washer review.  Well at least we can say we put two reviews out this summer.  We did the Mi-T-M and the Dewalt 4200 PSI model DPW4240.  Actually there is still plenty of time to use your pressure washer to do your deck, your gutters, your boat or what ever your imagination can think of.  I would like to thank Dan as we have four pressure washers, no make that five pressure washers and he lets me keep the Pressure Washer PW2420 Sams club special.  While he gets the three Dewalt’s and the Mi-T-M.

Actually I like this pressure washer.  I don’t use mine that much, maybe three times a year.  Actually this year is the most I ever used a pressure washer and that was only to do things around the house so I could test it.  I did have to remind my wife that she shouldn’t get use to me working around the house like this and this was a fluke.  The PW2420 is a no name pressure washer that is sold at Sams Club its actually called the Pressure Washer PW2420.  Since it is only sold at Sams Club, I am assuming its a made for them, not even sure who makes the engine.  It doesn’t have too much power where I ruin things around the house, but it does have good pressure to get things clean.  The pressure rating is 2400 PSI @ 2 GPM.

Overall this is not a bad little pressure washer.  Just pull the cord and your ready to go.  Well all most.  The motor is powered by a 140cc, four stroke overhead valve engine.  There is no choke, so it should be a pull and go.  I did find if you do not hold down the trigger on the gun, its hard to start.  When you hold down the trigger to release water as you pull, the engine starts up every time.  A couple nice features are the extra large opening where you pour gas into the engine, well into the gas tank.  This way even Dan won’t spill any.  The dipstick, no not Dan, to check the oil is nice because it has easy to read low and high spots for where the oil level is.  The engine powers an FNA Axial cam pump.  The pump is constructed out of Magnesium and Aluminum that house three stainless steel pistons.

The motor sits on a heavy gauge steel deck.   The powder coated tubing is 1 1/4″, so with the finish and size of pipe, it should last a long time.  Two things I really like about the machine are the wheels which are 9″.  I like this because it makes it easy to wheel around.  The overall weight to this washer is 64 lbs, so while its light in pressure washer standards, its still 64 lbs.  The wheels make it great because one little rock or the hose doesn’t stop you.  You can wheel right over them and keep going.  The other item is the nozzle.  The hose is 25′ which isn’t bad, but that would be the shortest hose I would ever go with.  I would have been happier with a 35′ or longer, but hey what can I say.  The nozzle is nice because its adjustable by just turning it left or right.  No tips to loose or change.  I know some people don’t like this, but when your like me and you loose your car keys everyday, I need all the help I can get.

If your a pro, you might want to take a pass and go with something that has a little more power like the Dewalt 4200 PSI model DPW4240.  For being a no name brand machine, it has a lot to it.  Considering it has a no name engine, only time will really tell how this holds up, but for the hours I have on it, I am happy.  I would look around and see what else is available in the price range only because this isn’t tested over the long run.