O how I love to rant, I even flexed my photoshop skills for this one and added a custom image.  Let me start off by saying SawStop is a great technology, it can save limbs and sometimes lives. If I could afford one I would have one.

Whats going on: SawStop is trying to petition the U.S. government to mandate that all table saws use the SawStop system which would increase the cost of all table saws significantly, reduce their availability and their patents on blade retraction are hampering other saw manufactures from exploring safer technologies and making safer saws.

Who is SawStop? SawStop is a company that invented an innovative technology to stop a saw from contact with a human body part.  It works by having a electrical signal around the blade, the human body is conductive so when it disrupts this signal and a spring loaded brake is released that stops the saw instantly.

My 2 cents on the matter: I think the technology is great it saves limbs and lives and I would love to own one, but the cost is way out of reach for me.  I am sure it is out of reach cost wise for a huge chunk of our readers.  Basically a carpenter will have to fork out hundreds of extra dollars when already material costs are up, fuel prices are up  and  work is down.  I understand that SawStop invented the technology and should get paid, but don’t force it at the expense of the consumer.  I understand the SawStop is safe, but I am sure it fires accidentally once in a while, that would cause extra expense and lost downtime to the Tradesman. Table saws have been used for years and yes they are inherently dangerous, but leave that up to the user if they want to fork over the $$$ to be safe.  Situations like this suck because everything is in red legal tape wasting $$$ on a product that everyone can benefit from if the cost is right. All the money wasted on lawyers could go to making SawStop more affordable which would give it better chance of showing up on more saws.  I am all for SawStop, just don’t force it on me.  This is America land of the free and if someone wants to chop off their fingers with a table saw they have the right to.  And also because this is America, innovators and capitalists like SawStop give them the option not to lose fingers, at a cost of course.  If this law passes, todays saws will be a hot item on Craigslist as everyone will be trying to stock up.

I think it’s crazy that Washington even has a committee on this sort of thing.  How about we disband that committee and the money saved there would buy a SawStop for everyone (or pay some of our debt back to China).  LOL Politics suck! There should be no government everything should be voted on by the people through the Internet!  I know that if I were to vote on a $4800 toilet seat I think some people would have a cold ass.