The Dewalt 12V max line has been fun to review.  So far the tools we have reviewed have been great.  This time we reviewed the Dewalt 12V Max Screwdriver.

Power Tool Review– Dewalt 12V MAX Lithium Ion Screwdriver

Power Tool Model – DCF610S2

Pros: Light weight, powerful, compact, innovative 3 LED lighting, ergonomic, 2 battery packs included

Cons: Not a lot of tools in the 12V line yet and no battery gauge

Specifications of the Dewalt

  • Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas
  • 3 LED Lights provide visibility without shadows
  • One-handed loading 1/4″ hex chuck accepts 1″ bit tips
  • Belt hook included for portability
  • 3 Year warranty

Nuts & Bolts of the Dewalt


This tool truly is designed for one handed operation with its simple spring loaded 1/4 hex chuck that makes changing out 1″ hex bits a breeze. The new innovative lighting is the best we have seen. They have added 3 high power SMD LEDS virtually eliminating shadows. Balance, slimmer handle and tool stability when standing up are all thanks to the pancake battery design. We would have liked to seen a 5 year warranty like some other tool manufacturers are doing now. The included belt hook is a great addition also.


The DCF610S2, the screwdriver of the 12v MAX system, shares the same innovative  3 LED light system from the 2 impacts in the line up. It is also the lightest 12V Max power driver, weighing in at just around 2.2 pounds. If you screw above your head for extended periods you will really appreciate this tool.   At 6-1/4″ long its ideal for cabinet work or in tight work areas.

The tool has a variable trigger producing up to 1050 RPM.  In our video review we easily ran 3 inch screws through a 2×4, 1×4 oak and  3/4″  plywood. With the 15 torque settings clutch you can tone it down for more delicate jobs like installing switch plates. We found the trigger to be precise and had complete control when powering in the 3″ screws. The power was constant under heavy pressure and easily remained straight on the screw.

The slim ergonomic design and light weight make this a winning combination.

As you can see the DCF610S2 fits like a glove in the user’s hand. It balances well and has a good sturdy feel to it.

The 1/4″ Hex chuck features one handed operation and  is very handy when using a 1″ insert bit as it is spring loaded.

The powerful 3 LED system is one of the best we have seen, virtually eliminating shadows


The non-marring rubber grips are a great addition, not only do they protect surfaces from scuffs but also add traction to the tool on a slope. We like the use of hex hardware through-out. Most tool nuts want to be able to service the tool themselves and with the use of hex hardware it is a snap to disassemble and service. (Disassembling your tool VOIDS your warranty)


As you all know by now, the Dewalt 12V Max series is one of the hottest tool lines from 2010. The DCF610S2 does not disappoint ,as its a powerful compact marvel of tool innovation. It is great for any application and trade.  It felt solid and drove screws in with precision. The only thing we feel this tool is lacking is a battery fuel indicator.