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Buck Knife  Overview

Having a great quality knife on your side is an essential part of everyone’s tool box.  Whether you need to cut rope or thousands of other materials, a knife always comes in handy.  Knives date back to our ancient ancestors when they sharpened stones and used them as knives, so as you know a knife is nothing new.  As time has gone on more and more manufacturers have come out of the woodwork to create their own version of a knife.  Some have been great and some are just cheap junk.  If you ask someone who makes one of the best knives on the market, you will no doubt have people say the Buck Knife.  One of the reasons is Buck knife has been creating quality knives for over 100 years, so they know what they are doing.  You might think isn’t a knife just a knife?  Well yes it is, but there is more to it than that.  There is a lot that goes into a design of a knife such as quality of materials, ergonomics and more.  You want a knife to be very sturdy to withstand a battery of abuse, but you don’t want it too heavy where you don’t have control over your cuts.  You want a knife to hold its sharpness, which Buck Knife does.

As we noted the Buck knife has been around for a long time.  They make some of the best knives on the market and they know it, that’s why they offer a forever warranty with their knives.  Yes a forever warranty.  If something breaks due to their craftsmanship, they will repair or replace at their own expense.  Now with that said, lets take a closer look at one of their workhorse knives, the Buck Knife 110 folding Hunters knife model 0110brs-b.  We say this is a workhorse because it is.  This knife was first developed in 1962 and you have probably seen your grandfather wearing this knife on his belt, it has withstood the test of time.

This Buck knife is a folding knife and the blade is 3 3/4″ made from 420HC Stainless Steel.  When the blade is closed the overall length is 4 7/8″.  The weight of this knife is 7.2 oz.  This version also comes with a black leather carrying case.

The Buck Knife Review

As with some reviews, there is not a lot to show or talk about in a review especially since it is just a knife and designed to cut.  However there are always some pretty important things to consider or take a closer look at when reviewing a knife.  The first item is the weight of the knife.  Again it weights 7.2 oz which we feel is a great weight for a work knife.  Its not too heavy where you don’t have control over the knife, but it is not too light where it feels cheap and could break easy.

With some cutting tools your hands are far away from the tool that is cutting, but not with a knife.  Your hand is pretty much right next to the knife blade and therefore can be dangerous.  So another important quality in a knife is feel and balance.  You need to have a knife where you have complete control over your knife and you don’t have to worry about your hand slipping and sliding onto the blade where you can cut your fingers.  The Buck tool has a very nice curve to the handle where your hand, all four fingers,  fits snugly onto the handle.  The handle is the right thickness where you can have your thumb on top of the knife for control.  This nice makes it easy to hold onto and control your cuts.

The locking mechanism is also great on this knife.  Over the years we have seen some pretty sorry looking knives have chintzy locking mechanisms and we always wondered how they were allowed on the market.  The Buck uses a full locking mechanism that is embedded into the knife handle, so when it is locked, it will stay locked.  You will not have to worry about putting too much pressure on the blade, only for it to release from the lock position.  Once you unfold the blade and are close to the open position, you can feel the blade snap to the lock position, so you know it is secure.  We would always recommend you still check to make sure it is locked into place, just for safety reasons.

Final thoughts on the Buck Knife

Overall this is a great quality knife.  It has been around for almost 50 years.  We have no problems recommending this to anyone looking for a quality knife.  The balance and design of the knife are nearly perfect.  The only thing we wish it had was a clip on the case instead of the belt loop.  But considering this was designed in the 60’s when everyone wore a belt, it makes perfect sense.  Plus we have to remember this is technically a hunting knife, so being in the woods, you don’t want a clip as a clip is not as secure as a belt loop.