Hilti introduced their new GX 120 ME Gas Actuated fastener.  Hilti’s new nail gun seems to be pretty cool, but we haven’t gotten our hands on one yet.  In case your interested, we found a pretty cool link on how nail guns  work in general.  As you can see by the design, it looks like Hilti implemented a great ergonomically design which will allow the user to get into tight spots.

According to Hilti this new actuated system eliminates the need for certain types of drilling a user might have to perform on other types of actuated systems.  As with some other fastening systems that rely on gas and battery to delivery a system, the Hilti GX 120-ME is completely gas driven.  The nose piece is key less, adjustable and removable which is a very nice feature.

According to Hilti, this system lets a user drive 750 fasteners with a single fuel can.  They don’t specify into what type of material.  It looks like Hilti included a fuel gauge monitor system on the tool to let the user know when they are running low.

Has anyone used one of the fastening systems on the job-site?  If so we would like to hear your thoughts.