Milwaukee M12 Battery and Charger

The Milwaukee M12 line uses a Lithium-ion batteries and a 30 minute charger, leaving the user with little to no down time.  The Milwaukee batteries are extremely light, weighing only .6 lbs.  The charger comes with a 5 year warranty and the batteries have a two year warranty. There is a nice visible display on the charger that gives the user status on the power in the batteries.

The Review

When testing all of the different tools that came in Milwaukee’s M12 kit, we had no problem whatsoever getting through all of our reviews on one battery charge per project. The Milwaukee charger worked and performed well, adhering to the 30 minute time frame for a full charge. The batteries are light and very compact, making the tools very easy to use on all projects attempted.

Final Thought

Milwaukee does a superior job on power generation technology when it comes to keeping their tools running!  We like the light batteries , but love the 30 minute charge time.