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Women Danner Boots Review

Women Danner Boots Review

The importance of work boots is commonly overlooked until you’ve struggled with blisters or have dropped a hammer on your foot and pain that goes along with it. Depending on the field you work in, you may have different priorities for protection. Features such as skid resistance, chemical resistance, electrical hazard protection coupled with options like waterproof interiors and advanced footbeds make purchasing work boots a personal choice for each user. This reason is why companies like Danner Boots have such a great reputation in the work boot industry. They offer different models and features based on need, but they also offer a full line of boots for women. Let’s dig a bit deeper into the Women Danner Boots Review.

Women Danner Boots Review Overview

When it comes to shopping for work boots, there are dozens of brands on the market. Make no mistake though, not all boots are created equal. Danner is joined by names like Keen Utility and Helly Hansen in a small group of elite manufacturers that professionals rely on to provide work boot options. Danner Boots have been around since 1932 and are definitely one of the most well-regarded work boot manufactures in the business. Each manufacturer has a unique process though, and Danner has a few key points that stand out. Their leather is put through rigorous testing, precisely six different ways to ensure the material meets their standards for use. If they prioritize the quality of their leather this much, you can imagine they’ve made comfort and performance the name of their game.

Women Danner Boots Review Features

The Stronghold model from Danner offers Full-Grain Leather on the upper portion of the boot.

This model from Danner measure in at 5 inches and 32 oz of weight. The low-profile design offers comfort for daily wear and versatility.

Danner included purple accents in the laces and fasteners, as well as on the heel, to add a touch of feminine style to an otherwise utilitarian style boot.

The Danner Dry waterproof barrier is 100% waterproof and is designed to keep your feet dry, letting moisture out but not in.

Stronghold’s feature a nylon shank under the footbed for enhanced comfort and wear. Danner uses rubberized EVA in the midsole to prolong the life of the midsole while maintaining the comfort of traditional EVA. Danner calls this the Vibram SPE Midsole. The Ortholite footbed maintains comfort and resists wear, while staying lightweight in this model from Danner.

Danner’s Vibram Stronghold Outsole is oil and slip resistant, but most importantly offers traction in wet conditions. The heel is set to 90-degrees to ensure ultimate comfort. The soles and heels offer protection from electrical shock as well by using non-conductive materials and meet OSHA safety standards.

Women Danner Boots Review Performance

These boots from Danner are very comfortable to wear, which for me is always the first test. While all boots have a “break-in” period, this models was less than most. The way Danner engineers their leather is likely to thank for this benefit. Additionally, the sizing was right on, making ordering a breeze. The outsoles provide significant traction, even in muddy or wet conditions. The electrical protection is an important feature that offers protection from electric current. While I am not brave enough to test this in any realistic way, it is a comfort to know it is there.

One thing with work boots is that function outweighs form. These boots aren’t designed for fashion purposes, and aesthetics should only factor in once you ensure your boots provide the protection you need. These boots have purple accents, which I believe was Danner’s attempt to feminize these boots. Now, I love fashionable shoes, but this addition felt a bit lost on me. I would have preferred these to have maintained a neutral color palette. Work boots are work boots, its okay for them to look like it too.

Women Danner Boots Review Value

The Danner Stronghold boots clock in at $180.00 a pair and can be found on the Danner website. They also offer an option with a composite toe for an additional $10.00 should you need that protection. These boots clock in right on par with most competitors. For the amount of time you spend in your work boots if you work in the trades or are like me and live in boots because of your lifestyle, you don’t want to sacrifice quality. The protection and comfort these boots offer certainly warrant the price they are asking.

Women Danner Boots Review Final Thoughts

Work Boots are a difficult item to purchase. It’s always a personal consideration of what your priorities are. To me, protection and comfort are the most important features I consider which these boots offer in spades. The one trip I have is that the accent color seems to be a bit lost on work boots, but even that is a personal preference. I love that Danner offers a full range of boots in their work line for women, and these Stronghold’s certainly earn a spot in my rotation for daily wearers.

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