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We like to share the wealth here at Tools in Action (even though we are poor), so we are always giving away something.  But you may ask, who has won in the past?  So we decided to finally create a winners page.  Over the years we have giving away a lot of stuff, so please bear with us as we are updating this page.   Our memory isn’t so good, so we forgot 90% of the giveaways we had.  So how do you enter to win.  Easy just engage us on one of our sites below.  Leave comments on our site, be a part of Tools in Action Forum or share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Youtube or our other channels.


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Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway Winners

Ultimate Tool Bag Give Away #1Brian M.

Ultimate Tool Bag Give Away #2Cody R.

Ultimate Tool Bag Give Away #3 Harold Wray


Other Giveaways

Klein Electricians Insulated Tools – Jeff Combs from Facebook

Craftsman Moc – brace91 (Forum)

Craftsman Moc – godsandgunscowboy (YouTube)

DewStop – Chad L

Knives – Brad708 Power – Tool Forum, David Morgan – Google Plus, Richard Fox – Facebook, Wade Lynch – Pinterest, Bubba Johnson – Facebook, Mike Hoover – YouTube.

Hammerhead – Juan

NWI 5 Point Laser – Nicholas

NWI Lase Distance Meter – Mike Z

Dewalt Table Saw – Joseph Davis

Dorcy Metal Gear Flashlight – Matthew Fant

HammerHead – Baseballman1321

AcDelco Die Grinder – NicholasShetley (Forum)

Klein Multimeter MM500 (We gave 10 away) – ETS7345 (Forum), Redsionnach (Forum), Damyankee (Forum), Javier (Forum), Patriot36, Alan Hampton, Coon88, Ruben Rivera (YouTube), John Xiong, Adam Stonaker (FaceBook)

Dewalt Multi-tool – Chase

Dewalt Multi-Tool – Stoneys Workshop

Franklin Sensor – Woodworker01

Hammer Head – Love2Boat92

Bostich Drill/Impact – Gorgeousbronze

Milwaukee M18 Fuel SawzallBrian M.

Porter Cable (Drill or Impact) – Chris K

$25 Amazon Gift Card – Wayne B.

$25 Lowe’s Gift Card – Matt R, Tennesse

Porter Cable PCL 180CDK-2 – Nate O

Cyclops Toolguard – Tim P, St. Petersburg, FL

$25 Lowe’s Gift Card – Anthony D, Brooklyn, NY

$25 Home Depot Gift Card – No one – We had a contest on forum and no one figured it out.