Tornadoes – Get ready for Armageddon!


As I sit and write this, it is March 20th 2012 and the temperature here in Chicago is an incredible 85 degrees!  I am pretty sure Armageddon is just around the corner.  Even renowned Chicago WGN weatherman Tom Skilling is perplexed by the weather.  I am scared!  So let’s put together a list of things you will need to help you survive.

Food/Water –   Have a lot of bottled water on hand, it is only $4 a case at Costco  so why not have 5 or 6 cases on hand.  As you buy fresh water swap it out with the stored water to keep a fresh supply. If you have advanced warning of a disaster you can always fill your bathtub with water for washing.  Don’t discharge your waste water, pour it in your toilet and use it to flush with.  Canned foods and freeze dried foods are good.  Perishables and frozen/refrigerated foods will spoil.

Rescue – Lights are a necessity, now is a good time to have a tool kit with a light and a lot of batteries. The Gyros Retrax2 is a good light to have on hand.  LED lights are the best.  A quality first aid kit and some blankets are a must.  Also it is a good idea to have a 60 day supply of any medication you take on hand.

Power/Fuel –  Make use of all your spent energy, when running your vehicle charge your devices by using an inverter or the 120 VAC outlet in your car if equipped.  A generator is good to have on hand to keep your basic services running.  Another good portable option is the QuickCable Rescue 1060 Power Pack.  It can keep your basic electronics devices running for days.  When you hear that severe weather is in the forecast, fill up your tank on your vehicle and any gas cans you have laying around the garage.  Be sure to use Stabil or cycle the gas every 3 months or so to maintain freshness.

Communication –  You want to stay in communication and incase of total cellular meltdown the world will resort back to analog airwaves.  I like the HH330 Floating VHF Radio from Cobra it has weather band and VHF.  I have an older model and have it with me whenever there is a storm.  The battery life is great.  Any self powered radio like the Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 is a good choice.  Have a lot of AA batteries on hand.  Look for radios that have Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) Technology.  This means that you can enter your county code and the radio will alert you of severe weather in the area.

Tools – Cordless sawzall,  hammer, demo bar, cordless drill, chain saw, Jaw Saw, Tarps, Flashlights and candles.

Tornado watch – Conditions are favorable for a Tornado.

Tornado warning A Tornado has been spotted take shelter immediately.

Always be aware of the weather, when the sky darkens turn on your local TV or radio stations for weather updates.




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