Top 10 Best Tools for Women – Guide


Thanks to you YouTube and other DIY sites woman are doing more projects than ever.  Every woman needs a tool kit and there are a lot of cheap pink colored tools out there that lure women in.  Ladies do you want to use a sub par tool or do you want to use a quality tool that will not only last you, but it will also enhance the quality of your work?  The following tools are great to have around the house.  One of the first things when tool shopping is stay away from anything pink!  Pink tools are usually just cheap Chinese junk painted pink. Except for the Pink Skil iXO which we will talk about. Women can use the exact same tools that the guys use.  I would also recommend that you go to your local big box store and feel the tools in your hand and see which one is comfortable for you.


In no particular order:

10.  Limited Edition Pink iXO Palm Size Screwdriver – If you have to have something pink this is a quality pink tool.  Although we were not fans of the iXO VIVO attachment we love the SKIL iXO.  It is compact, has an LED light and has a battery that will last years in a kitchen drawer.  It even has a right angle attachment for those tight areas.




9. Black & Decker BDCS40G 4-Volt Max Gyro Screwdriver – The Gyro is a unique tool as it works by twisting your wrist.  Like the iXO it lasts years in a drawer and is compact.  Check out our review of the Gyros Screwdriver




8. Crescent 170-Piece Mechanics Tool Set – I know what you are thinking!  Mechanics tool set?  I personally have this kit and it is a lifesaver around the house.  The wrench and socket combination will  allow you to assemble almost anything.  This is a good quality kit that will last you a long time.  Unless you let your friends use it, then they lose most of the sockets from it!




7. Black and Decker 20V MAX Drill Driver – The Matrix is one of the most versatile tools on the market.  It allows you to change the head of the tool to make it another tool!  You can add a jigsaw, a multi-tool or even a circular saw.  Add new tools as you need to.  it is very affordable.  Check out our review of the Matrix here.




6. Stanley Bostitch Anti Vibe Hammer –  This is a quality hammer with a nice comfortable grip and as a bonus absorbs most of the strike impact.  For around $20 you cannot go wrong.




5. Komelon SL2925 Self Lock Speed Mark 25-Foot Power Tape – I have this tape, it is easy to read and operate.  The small size fits easily into a small tool box.




4. Johnson Level & Tool 4500M 9-Inch Magnetic Aluminum Torpedo Level – An All American , this aluminum level will stay true for a lifetime.




3.  Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 Precision Stud Finder – This is one of the best an easiest to read stud finders that we have tested.  It gets rave reviews from Amazon customers also. Check out our review of the Franklin Sensor here.




2. Irwin 2078705 Long Nose, Slip Joint, Adjustable Wrench and Groove Joint ProPliers Set, 4-Piece –  Irwin makes a nice comfortable set of pliers, this kit comes with 4 of the most common types to get every job around the house done with ease.



1. Stanley GR20K Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit – Every house needs a hot glue gun.  You can fix almost anything and when it comes to crafts the hot glue gun cannot be beat.


  1. With words like pink, gyro, Johnson, vibe,and torpedo, it sound like they are settling something else for women. 🙂

  2. Hi, Dan. Your “Top Ten” list of tools has some great choices for women. My only suggestion would be to include or substitute an 8 or 10oz. hammer for around-the-house use. This would be easier to use (more controllable) than a 16oz. hammer for tasks like hanging pictures, installing cove molding with finish nails, etc. Otherwise, this article was spot-on.

  3. I might recommend the B&D matrix in place of the 20v B&D drill… especially if you get the corded one – it is a great option offering versatility for homeowners and DIYers

  4. Another recommendation for the Black and Decker Matrix. My wife uses the 20V version off and on all day, 5 days a week. For her, it’s more than an “around the house” drill/driver. Anyway, I think that the 12 volt version would be lighter and easier to use for occassional task.

    On the other hand, the 20v max from the black and decker line fits a lot of tools. These include the porter cable 20v line, the craftsman “bolt-on” (identical to the matrix, with a few more attachments available), and a few yard tools from black and decker like line trimmers, pole saws, etc.

  5. I find the idea of pink tools silly and would be embarassed to own them. What is necessary though is tools designed for people less than 5 feet 8 inches tall. I recently bought a portable table saw and chose Ridgid over Bosch (usually my favourite) because the stand on the Ridgid is a few inches lower than the Bosch and therefor, safer for me to use.

  6. Thanks for this list. I would like to see some other female focused lists or articles if possible.
    When recommending tools for women compact/small is the name of the game! How about some power tool recommendations? Saws, sanders, planers, etc.

  7. The reason I want pink tools is so that my husband will stop borrowing them and not returning them. It’s a serious problem because I keep my tools in an easy to find location. His tools seem to end up piled on the work bench. I just want good tools that are obviously not his!


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