The attic is the full size of our house with the ridgeline in the center and the ceiling dropping down as it moves towards the front and back of the house.  We have a full set of stairs that drop down in the hallway.  When we first moved in, we took out old wool insulation and blew new insulation.

Recently we secured part of the rood and framed it our for a separate room with storage along the outside walls.


Create extra space in the house for the kid’s, a small room for them to hang out and when they get older, maybe even a bedroom.  We would install stairs that can be lowered or raised from below and above.

Work to be Completed

  • Install electric such as lighting and outlets
  • Drywall
  • Install floor
  • Install a ladder system

Securing Roof and Framing Walls

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Spray Foam Walls & Ceiling

We had old insulation in the attic.  After we secured the roof, we took out all the old insulation and replaces it with spray foam insulation.  Before we sprayed, we ran some electric to the ceiling since we will be installing lights.

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