Tools in Action House Project

While we show off cool new tools, we also love getting down and dirty with them.  This is our Tools in Action House Project where we show you cool tools in use, cool products that we used in the project and more.

Our project house was built in 1924.  The house is 1100 sq ft and outdated with numerous updates needed.  Over the years we have done small improvements, which we have included.  We are now moving forward with the project and will keep you posted by each room in the house.  Below we have the house separated into different rooms so you can follow us on each update.

Current Project

Winter time is right around the corner and finished up the soffits, roof and other trim outside.  We just got down with the attic and spray foam.  We are going to move into the basement and secure all the beams and supports.  We will be taking out all the wood and replace it with steel beams.

As we move along we will update the areas below.  You can also follow what we are doing, products we are using and tools that get the job done on our project page.

Past & Future Project

Below you can look through each area.  While we still have a long way to go, we have done some work.



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