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Klein Scout Pro LT and VDV Distance Meter – Tech Tools

It’s no secret that Klein tools have been around since the days of the caveman.  Well maybe not that old, but they have years of experience in the trades, especially the electrical trade.  Now they are making more than just hand tools. They have entered the tech age with the Scout LT pro and the VDV distance meter.  Both these tools will allow technicians to quickly troubleshoot faulty cable, identify cable, identify runs to outlets, measure cable length and much more.

The Scout LT works with data and video cable.  For the individual tech, this is the Swiss army knife of network tools and offers features commonly found on devices that are  4x the price.  This unit allowed me to troubleshoot a split pair in a cable, quickly measure and repair it.  With the included remotes you are able to ID up to 19 wall outlets.  The tone generator feature will allow you to find exact wires.  For those of you that only want to measure distance, they have the VDV distance meter.  It will also tell you if you have a broken or damaged cable run.  Both these tools will save the low voltage tech hours in troubleshooting times which saves money and gives you a better uptime.

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