DECKED – Pick Up Truck Storage System


I love my Ford F150, but storage is pretty much non existent.  I have to lug all my tools around on the back seats to keep them safe and secure.  I needed another option.  I didn’t want a tool box because I felt it took away from the sleek look of the truck and made it look like a work truck.  I had a cover on the truck but my tools just slid around and it sounded like a car accident every time I took a corner.  I have seen pull out slide drawers before but nothing really peaked my interest.  That is until I came across the DECKED system.  It fits most pick trucks with short and medium beds.

It is made from a strong polymer with steel reinforced frame.  It is designed to fit your truck bed exactly.  I have a Line-X bed and it was not an issue.  The system has 4 storage cans one in each corner.  They are not waterproof, but the drawers are.  The cans are positioned over the existing bed tie downs and that is how the unit locks into the truck.  The cab side tie downs need to be replaced with the included tie down brackets. Since it uses your tie downs they are not usable for strapping cargo to them anymore.  You can get a Core Trax system that screws into the steel framing on the Decked system.  This gives you versatile mounting points for just about any cargo.

The drawers hold 200lbs each and roll extremely smooth on big rubber wheels.  The sturdy aluminum handle pulls back and the drawers slide right open.  The drawers are waterproof so when it rains your cargo is safe.  They can also be filled with ice and used as coolers.  They have optional drain plugs you can install to drain the water.  Other options include: Locks, trays and dividers.  For those who want the ultimate tailgate vehicle you can flip over the ammo can covers and they turn into cup holders.  It even has a bottle opener on the back of the system.  The deck holds 2000lbs, so pretty much anything you want you can put in your bed.  DECKED has a respectable 3 year warranty and is made in the USA.  Check out the DECKED FAQ page for any questions.  Check out the videos below for more info.  You can also take a look at the DECKED YouTube channel.  DECKED is top notch in my book, quality and innovation is what it is all about.


  1. I absolutely love it bro. From the first min you showed it to me. I had always been intrigued by the work guys who build a similar box out of wood. But the fundamental problem is, it’s made out of wood, expands, contracts, and is far from water proof. Also, they’re not always easy to build. This is a perfect solution, for carrying all the tools around when I do my side jobs. lumber would definitely have to be tie strapped down, but I think the cons here are far outweighed by the pros! On a side note, I’m sorry you can’t use that awesome tonneau cover anymore from paragon. Try extangs encore possibly?

  2. You guys sold me on this after doing the demo video… in fact, specifically looked for a truck that suported the system when purchasing a newer (used) truck. (Previous truck had a bedslide with custom organization on it. Ordered Decked a couple months ago, and installed it myself…. takes a little longer than I would have expected, but we’ll worth the effort/time required. Very happy with the purchase and use it daily for tool storage in low-voltage commercial contractor. Very well engineered, couple little accessories should be thrown in considering the cost of it, but overall great investment. By the way…Love the site, read via RSS feed weekly. Thanks TIA!


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