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Meet Southwire

Dan and I were driving in the car the other day and took some time to laugh at ourselves.  Why were we laughing at ourselves?  We were reflecting on the time we received our first pair of Southwire pliers.  We were standing in his garage and opened a box from Southwire, which had a pair of pliers.  At the time, we thought they were innovative and seemed like good quality, but who the heck is Southwire?  We have never heard of them.  We did a little research and checked out their website and thought, okay this is cool, but...

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Milwaukee Hand Tools

Okay, are you sitting down?  You might not believe this, but Milwaukee has some new hand tools available.  I know, it has been a whole week since they released their latest version of Milwaukee Hand Tools.  One thing we can say about Milwaukee is they are very predictable for releasing a ton of products each month.  One line that has grown is their hand tools.  Milwaukee has been coming out with a ton of knives, pliers, screwdrivers and more.  Now they just released a couple new Milwaukee hand tools for people who are in need of clamps, locking pliers...

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Husky Hand Tools

Before we get started I just want to let you know I am not a mechanic nor do I work with hand tools everyday.  When it comes to hand tools, I break them out when I have to put something together for my wife or fix my kids toys.  Maybe one day I will have time for myself and be able to do things I want, but I don’t see that happening in the near future.  So when I talk about hand tools, I am talking about them from a homeowner consumer.  My tool box consists of old Craftsman, Kobalt,...

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Milwaukee Hand Tools Everywhere

Wow, I am not sure where to begin.  When it comes to hand tools, Milwaukee has been pounding the market with new tools.  I feel like every day I open my email and there it is, a new Milwaukee hand tool.  Now don’t take that as a complaint because I think it’s awesome.  I have to be honest, the Milwaukee hand tools seem to be a hit or miss for me.  I am not saying I have found any of them to be bad, but for some of the tools, I like the competitors versions better.  That may just...

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Milwaukee Introduces Four New Hand Tools

Milwaukee introduced four new hand tools to their current large line of hand tools.  As you know Milwaukee is all about innovation.  When you pick up their tools, you can tell that Milwaukee tool isn’t a company that just takes an existing tool and puts their name on it.  They do a lot of research, design and implementation into their products.  That is one reason why I am a fan of most of their tools.  Recently I had a chance to take a look at four of their new hand tools. Milwaukee Hand Tools Fine Line Chalk Reel –...

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