Author: Eric Jopp

Ryobi Stud Detector

When you are looking for a stud detector you will notice you can spend anything from a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars, there is a huge range.  Ryobi being designed for the homeowner has come out with a very inexpensive detector for the homeowner.  The unit is priced around $30 for the Ryobi Stud Detector model ESF5000. When I first saw this unit, it reminded me of the Franklin detector, but with a lower price tag.  The front of the unit has multiple LED lights that will light up as you are getting close to a stud and...

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Milwaukee 12″ Measuring Wheel 48-22-5012

Milwaukee recently came out with their 12″ measuring wheel.  Not that this is new to market, but it’s new for Milwaukee.  When I was in the snow plow business, I would use a measuring wheel all day long.  I can’t tell you how many wheel I went through in the summer.  Yes, summer is when we did all our bidding and measuring.  Before Google maps, I had to actually grab a wheel and measure walkways and parking lots.  On bigger lots, I would just open my window and stick the wheel out to get a measurement.  Yes, going that...

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Ryobi 18V Glue Gun Model P305

If you are part of the Power Tool Forum, then you probably already know that Mig found about Ryobi is coming out with a cordless glue gun.  Well that was back in October and now we have one to show off.  I can’t tell you how many times a year I use a hot glue gun.  I have two kids and I am always finding new uses for the glue gun.  So when I found out Ryobi has a cordless version available, I have to say I was pretty excited.  Now they aren’t the first to market with a cordless glue...

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Milwaukee Drain Snake M12 Kit 2571

When it comes to 12V power tools, Milwaukee owns the market.  Now the one thing i can say about their M12 line is it’s not a gimmick.  These tools are not only powerful, but they are industry specific.  While most manufacturers try to build up their 12V line of tools with out of the box solutions for one tool to fit all jobs, Milwaukee takes a different approach.  If an electrician needs a certain tool that will only be used by an electrician, Milwaukee isn’t afraid to tackle the job and create a specific tool.  As you can see,...

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Ryobi 18V Hammer Drill Model P1813

Well, it’s finally here, a Ryobi cordless drill.  Okay, yes they have had a cordless drill out for a long time, but this one is a little different.  If you have used a Ryobi drill in the past, you know they are great drills, but they do lack the feel and power of a tough drill.  The new Ryobi Hammer drill 18V model P1813 now fills the gap.  While Ryobi is designed for the homeowner, I do know a lot of small contractors who use Ryobi tools for a variety of reasons.  I always hear guys give different reasons...

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Milwaukee Drywall Screw Gun Review – Powered y the M18 Battery

Drywall is considered to be one of the newer building materials on the market.  Even though it was developed in the early 1900’s, it wasn’t until the later half of the 1900’s that it became a common fixture intoday’s buildings.  Now looking around at any residential or commercial property, you find it unusual if you didn’t see any drywall.  While there are many reasons that the market has switched to drywall, one reason is cost.  Drywall is for the most part inexpensive, since it’s primarily rock.  Drywall is also easy to shape into 4′ x 8′ sheets, which makes...

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Milwaukee RedStick Box Levels

Milwaukee has been hitting the market hard with their new measurement line of products.  They started out with some great tape measures and then went on to develop some torpedo levels and more.  Not to mention their acquisition of Emprire leves.  You might be wondering the same thing I am wondering, why does Milwaukee come out with their own brand of levels when they have Empire levels?  Great question.  Why does GM build a Silverado and a GMC truck?  The only reason I can think of is Milwaukee has a great name and why not develop a product that all...

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Klein Tool Tradesman Pro Soft Lunch Cooler

We all know that taking your lunch to work can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year in food cost.  Now this isn’t a new concept to market, but I have to say it’s a pretty cool looking cooler that Klein came out with, the Klein Tradesman Pro Soft Cooler.  Now they already have a cooler like, but in camo, which who doesn’t like camo? The cooler has three different compartments.  There are two separate insulated compartments, a top and bottom.  On the front of the cooler, there is also a single compartment for dry good or...

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Bosch Compact Reciprocating Saw GSA18V-083B

Talk about a great addition to Bosch’s already great 18V lineup, the compact reciprocating saw is great.  As you can see this saw is more compact than the traditional reciprocating saws.  This makes it great as you can use this saw with one hand and have your other hand free to hold the piece3 of work you are cutting.  Also, you may notice this looks like some other compact saws on the market. Even though this is compact, don’t let that fool you as this is a beast and will keep up with anything you throw at it.  The tool...

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Ridgid 200 psi 4.5 Gallon Electric Compressor OF45200SS

Ridgid is at it again with a brand new air compressor, the OF45200SS.  If you look at what Ridgid is touting with the air compressor, you might not believe it.  I was also reading some of the online reviews and people did think some of these claims were off, so when we talk about this compressor I will go over those claims and information. First, let me tell you about this compressor.  The compressor is a 200 psi 4.5 gallon compressor.  200 psi is a lot for the size of this unit.  Also with 200 psi, you can do a...

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