If you are new to Tools in Action, you probably already know how much I love Bosch tools.  Bosch isn’t always first to market with their tools, but when they release something, they are designed nicely and you know they are designed to last.  So speaking of new tools, Bosch has two new 12V tools available.  The Bosch 12V impact Driver and the Bosch 12V impact Wrench.  Both of these tools share a lot in common so before I go into each tool, let’s cover what assets they share.

The one thing I really like about the Bosch 12V impacts is their size and power.  While some manufacturers try to jam as much power into their tools, these manufacturers tend to have bigger tools.  For me, I want my 12V compact.  If I need a ton of power, I can rely on my 18V tools.  12V tools should be powerful, but I want mine designed for finesse work.  I want a 12V tools that can get into tight sports, isn’t heavy, has a nice feel, powerful and can get the job done with lots of run time.  With that said, Bosch 12V impacts don’t fail to meet any of this criteria.

bosch 12v impactBosch designed this with a pistol grip and a battery pack that slides into the handle.  While the tool will not stand straight up when you set it down, it will allow you to get into tighter areas when compared to the pancake style batteries.  Bosch impacts use an EC Brushless motor which means more run time and a longer lasting tool.  Brushless tools are more efficient which means more power is transferred to the work and since they are more efficient, you should get a longer run time.  Unfortunately Bosch doesn’t have battery fuel status on the batteries, but lucky for us, they do have them on the tools.

Another cool feature both these tools have in common is switching speeds or modes.  Instead of a switch to move forward or backwards, Bosch has designed these with a push button mode of operation.  On top of the tool, just push the button and it will electronically switch from one speed to two.

Lighting is another feature both tools share.  While I think the Ingersoll Rand has the best lighting on a tool with their ring style full light, the Bosch has the second best with their ring style.  While the full ring doesn’t illuminate, there are 3 LED lights that do a great job taking away any shadows and lighting up your area of work.

Now that we covered the basics features that both tools share, let’s jump into each tool.

Bosch 12V Impact Driver – PS42-02


In regards to power and size, this Bosch 12V impact has it all.  The tool only weighs 2.2 lbs and that is with their 2 Ah battery, so easy enough to work with all day.  As far as getting into tight spaces, the whole tool is only 5.5″ long.  Point and case, this is small and lightweight.  In regards to power, no issues there.  Bosch designed this with a 1/4″ Hex that delivers a no load speed of 0-1,200 and 0-2,600 rpms with 0-2,700 and 0-3,100 ipm.  So for power this has 975 in-lbs of torque, which is more than enough power to perform most jobs.

One thing I would have loved to see would be the chuck sleeve.  While you can insert a bit with one hand, it is really designed for two hands.  I have seen other systems where you just place the bit into the sleeve and it snaps into place and is tight.  However with the Bosch 12V impact, you have to pull the sleeve out and insert the bit.  Is this a huge deal? No, but something to note.

Bosch 12V Impact Driver Information

  • Length 5.5″
  • No Load BPM 0-3,100
  • No Load RPM 0-1,200 / 2,600
  • Torque (in. lbs.) 975
  • Weight 2.2lb
  • Width 2.2″

Includes (1) 12V Max EC Brushless Impact Driver, (2) 12V Max 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries, (1) 12V Max Charger, (1) Belt Clip, (2) Screwdriver Bits, (1) Carrying Bag


Bosch 12V Impact Wrench – PS82-02

With the Bosch 12V impact wrench, it packs a very similar punch like the impact driver and the specs are pretty close.  In regards to weight and length, they are identical to the driver weighing only 2.2 lbs with the battery and an overall length of 5.5″  However an impact wrench is used for different applications.  Bosch designed this with a 3/8″ square drive.  This wrench produces 930 In-Lbs of torque which is equivalent to 85 Ft-Lbs of torque.  It delivers 0-1,200 and 0-2,600 rpm and no-load impact per minute ratings of 0-2,700 and 0-3,100.

So what can I complain about with this tool?  Actually, I can’t find anything I would change.  The size, the power and the run time are all great.  So really what else could you ask for?

Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Information

  • Drive 3/8″ Square Drive
  • Length 5.5″
  • No Load RPM 0-1,200 / 2,600
  • Torque (ft. -lbs) 85
  • Weight 2.2lb
  • Width 2.2″

Includes (1) 12V Max EC Brushless 3/8 In. Impact Wrench, (2) 12V Max 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries, (1) 12V Max Charger, (1) Belt Clip, (1) Carrying Bag