I love camping, tailgating and just hanging out.  Primarily I love this because I can have a beer, grill some food and hang out with some good people, plus listen to some tunes.  For a long time I have been taking my Smokey Joe around because it was portable and lightweight.  For some a Smokey Joe sucks because they don’t like dealing with Charcoal.  For me, I don’t really care because I am not in a rush, plus it just goes along with the whole cooking process.  The downside to the Smoke Joe is how much food I can put on the grill.  So hear we are, talking about an alternative to the Smokey Joe, the Stok Gridiron Grill – Portable Gas Grill model STC1150.

A couple things to note about this grill.  This isn’t meant to replace your standard household grill.  Yes you could probably use it everyday and it would work, but it doesn’t compared to a nice Weber stationary grill.  You know what, that’s OK because it’s not competing against that market.  This grill is designed to be portable.  Something easy to lift in your truck, take out and set up and that is exactly what this grill does.  Don’t expect it to cook like your Weber, because it won’t.  OK now that I have that cleared up, let’s talk about this grill.

The Stok Gridiron Grill is powered by a 1 lb LP tank.  The same tank you can buy for your common Coleman lantern.  I ended up picking up two at Walmart for $4.  Now how long will it last, well that varies depending upon how hot or cool your running the grill.  The grill has a single knob that controls the temperature of the grill.  The burner is in an oval shape under the grate to help heat evenly.  One plus is the burner has an auto ignition button you can press to power up the grill.

My thoughts on the grill.  The Stok Gridiron Grill does seem a little cheaply made for the price they are charging.  I understand it has to have thinner metal to reduce the weigh so you can lift it on and off your vehicle.  My lid closes, but it’s not the best closing system I have seen.  The wheels could roll a little nicer over rough ground, but it pretty stable.  With those negatives said, I do like the grill.  I am not expecting it to be the best quality.  It does a great job cooking my food, which is what I need.  There is more than enough room to through a bunch of hamburgers or hot dogs, so I can feed a large group of hungry.  The grill heats up rather quickly, so it no problem waiting to the last second before firing up the grill and tossing on your food.  The grates are nice and help transfer heat to your food, a big plus.  So yes while it does have some down falls and do think they could bring the price down a little bit, I understand what this grill is intended to do and I am cool with that.  My only question is how will it hold up over the long haul.  So hopefully I get to tailgate a bunch and give it a good test run.