This is a new company to Tools in Action, called Walls Workwear.  I have never heard of them until we received a couple of these jackets.  We were on Periscope when we opened the package at Dan’s and that is when I found out they were sold at Walmart.  A Periscoper told us they sell Wall jackets at Walmart.  My first instinct was to step back and have a negative opinion of them.  Not that I don’t shop at Walmart, but I don’t associate tough work wear with Walmart.  Then I picked up and put on the jacket and I can say I was very surprised.  As an FYI, these Wall jackets can’t be bought a Walmart.  I wish you could because I would grab another one.

The jacket is definitely a heavy duty jacket.  The quality seems to be great.  Not a thick or cheap jacket, but a jacket that seems like it would keep you warm and take the abuse of a job site or outdoor activities.  The jacket is a 10 oz. brushed duck cloth with 75% cotton, 20% polyester and 5% Kevlar.  Yes, Kevlar.  I was going to shoot Dan and see how well the Kevlar would hold up, but for some reason he was against it.  I told him Kevlar was 5 times stronger than steel, but that still didn’t convince him.  The finish on the jacket gives it a water repellent feature to help stay dry.  The cuffs have a hidden elastic to help keep the chill away from your arms.  The outside of the jacket has 6 total pockets where four are zippered and two are button.  The inside of the jacket has two pockets, one zippered and one open.  On the inside, I love that they have a camo (real tree) design.

Don’t let the fact that this is sold at Walmart fool you.  The jacket seems high quality and is extremely comfortable.  If you’re looking for a warm, durable jacket that won’t break the bank, check out Walls Outdoor Goods.  They have lots of Camo products, which I love.  Camo is my adult candy.