We would like to welcome a new tool to Tools in Action called Grip Edge Hex.  Let me guess, you have never heard of them?  Well we had not either until they reached out to us. We get a lot of manufacturers who reach out to us that want us to try their tools, but I would have to say a majority of them we turn down, unless they have something interesting, which Grip Edge Tools has.

How many times have you striped or broke a hex screw?  I am sure we all have.  We deal with hex screws that have been sitting in the same place for years.  They rust, they wear and then we strip them.  Well that’s where Grip Edge Hex comes into play.  They found a way to make stripping a hex screw almost impossible.  What they did is machine the tool with small little fins that actually grip the inside of the hex head and allow you to extract it from the hole.  When you think about it, this is a pretty cool and useful invention.  Don’t worry, you can still use the same tool to tighten a hex screw.

Well that is pretty much the nuts and bolts of how this system works.  While we think the $99 is a hefty price tag for a homeowner, for a mechanic doing a job, it’s not a bad price.