I love cordless vacuums because I hate dealing with a power cord.  It always seems like with a cord, I am getting it tangled up or it’s catching on something.  In the end I just end up swearing, cursing and breaking things, so I would like to thank Ridgid for making my life a little easier.

The 3 gallon vac runs off your existing Ridgid 18V batteries, so no need to invest in any new batteries.  As you know, vacs take a lot of power to run, so the run time on vacuums are usually pretty short.  I am not sure the exact time this will run, but that does depend upon what you’re vacuuming up such as small debris, water or heavier material.  I can say I can clean my whole truck out on one battery, so to me, that’s perfect.  The vac comes with a brush and crevice tool for your vehicle.  The 1-7/8″ locking hose seems like a nice solid hose and one that will last.  The hose will expand up to 7′.  The whole unit only weighs 7.9 lbs, so not bad if you’re trying to vacuum and hold the vac in your other hand.

The on/off switch is positioned nice, so you don’t accidentally turn on or off the unit.  The unit has 60 cfm, so a pretty good suction for most applications.  The accessories can be stored in the front or under the handle.

All in all this is a great little unit.  It’s powerful and easy to use.  While the front cover and locking mechanism do seem a little cheap, it’s not a huge deterrent from buying the unit. From my stand point, it is probably one of the best little vacuums on the market.  I love the Milwaukee vac and think this one is comparable.  It would be nice to see these vacuums have the option to plug in an extension cord, but not sure if that would make the design or motor different.