A long time ago we did a review on Makita metal cutting saw.  While that was a great saw, we really haven’t had much experience with any of their newer saws, well at least not until today.  Today we get our hands on the Makita XSH03 Brushless 6 1/2″ 18V circular saw.  The kit comes with the saw, 2-18V batteries, a charger, blade and nylon bag.  Let’s start out with the power of this saw.  This saw delivers 5,000 rpm which is great for fast ripping or cutting of materials.  Not only is this saw fast, but it’s smart.  Makita designed this saw with Automatic speed change, which means the saw automatically adjust speed and torque depending upon the application.  Now I could go into all the reason I like this saw such as the great balance, dual LED lights to help light up your area or the retractable hook, but there is one reason to love this saw.

The main reason I love this saw is the line of site.  Not only is it easy to see where you are cutting, but the ejection port on the blade guard does an awesome job of taking waste away from where your cutting, the best we have seen.  So many time it seems like circular saws pile up saw dust on the line your cutting.  With the Makita, the line in front stays clean.  There isn’t any saw dust build up at all.  I have to say the power is also awesome.

If your looking for one of the top performing circular saws on the market, this is a must have.  The saw is powerful and well designed.