We have done some work bench reviews in the past such as the Keter Portable Workbench.  To our surprise, the portable workbench was great.  In fact I am still using it without an issues.  Well now they have another one out, well Husky does.  Keter makes the table for Husky, which is good to know.  I now know Keter and trust the brand.  So with this table, knowing that Keter makes it for Husky, I am equally as impressed.  So what is so special about this bench, well a lot.

First the bench is only $70, not bad for a sturdy and portable bench.  Second this thing can hold a heck of a lot of weight, 1,500 lbs to be more precise.  Third, this bench folds away easy.  Not as easy as the other work bench we covered, but easy enough to make it portable and useful.  In fact everything stows away easy and neat.  Another useful benefit is metal rails on the top of the bench to allow for clamping.  If that is still not enough, you have metal brackets that allow the user to put 2×4’s on the sides, so really you can build the table bigger, how cool is that?  But wait that isn’t all.  In fact you can use this for a router table, yes a router table.  You can mount most routers on the bottom and now you have a portable router table, not bad and for a price of $70, how can you beat it?