Okay, this may not be the coolest thing we have reviewed.  Okay, sorry about that, it is the coolest item we have reviewed.  What I meant to say this might not be the most interesting product we have reviewed, but if you have kids, this is definitely for you.  You may remember we reviewed the Arctic Cove fan last year and that was a great way to cool yourself down.  This year we have a Drink N Mist Bottle and a Large Cooling Towel.

Cooling BottleWhen I first saw this Drink N Mist, I wasn’t too excited about it.  But then I had the bright idea thinking my son would love this.  Well turns out, this is the greatest invention since the twizzler.  He is big into baseball and it gets hot out there.  We gave him this bottle and he just loves it.  In fact, all the kids now want a misting bottle and for $10, they can each get one.  So how does it work?  You fill the bottle with water.  On the top of the bottle there is a pull valve to open and close a spout for your drinking water.  Right next to this spout, there is another opening where the mist comes out.  On the side of the bottle, squeeze a trigger and you will get a fine mist.  This is great for wetting down your face, your head, your arms or even your hat.  I have to say I find myself using this bottle a lot.  In fact, my son always tells me to get my own.  Now one thing to note is the bottle is not insulated.  So on hot days don’t expect the water to stay cold for long.  This is just a plastic bottle to hold water and mist.

Cooling Towel coveThe next item on the list is a cooling towel, which I have never heard of.  Basically you wet a towel, wring it out and snap it apart.  Once you snap the towel, it is supposed to activate and be cool to the touch.  I really can’t tell you if it really works or not.  To me it feels like it works, but I am not 100% sure.  The times I have used it, it has been hot out.  So in reality any wet towel would feel great.  I have used this towel and compared it against a regular cotton towel and to me it seems like there is a huge difference, but again, not sure if it is just in my head.  Bottom line is that this is a great towel.  It’s light weight, can be washed, holds water and it does cool you down.  This item is also sold for $10.  If you’re into outdoor activities or tend to be outside for work or play, this can be a great way to help you keep cool.