You can never have too much security.  The problem is getting all that security installed.  You usually need to run power and get high-priced lighting.  Well now MR Beams has an innovative solution with the NetBright lights.  The lights are networked so if one detects motion and turns on they all turn on.  They automatically detect each other, no settings to fiddle with.

The lights are powered by 3 D batteries and produce 200 lumens.  This is not a lot of lumen but it will light up 400 square feet.  This will deter most criminals especially if you have more than one spotlight as they will all turn on.  You get 30 hours of straight run time and the unit shuts off in about 20 seconds if motion is no longer detected.

I would recommend these lights to anyone who needs to self install some motion extra lighting.  The only downfall is you have to replace the batteries, but in some areas like sheds and trees you may not have accessible power making these lights perfect.  Check out Mr Beams NetBright LED lights over at Amazon