This years Black Friday sales kinda sucked all across the board.  I didn’t buy anything, the deals just did not justify me going out.  So yesterday I came across a deal from Lowes on a NEST thermostat for $199 which is normally $250.  It was the last day of the sale.  I could order it and wait 10 days for it to be delivered to a Lowes store.  But I couldn’t get it shipped directly to my house. So I called my local Lowes, and they said they have it in stock for $199.

Within 10 minutes I was in the store looking for the NEST and the shelf was empty.  I had to round-up a Lowes associate.  He said they were not in stock, I asked for a rain-check and he said they do not offer rain-checks.  I am sure not all Lowes are as bad as my local Lowes as I have visited some good ones. Mine is just terrible, the people who work there are clueless and when they see you walking to them they head the opposite way.  I really hate going there as all my experiences have been negative.  Once again I had left Lowes with a sour taste in my mouth.  Ugh, one day I will learn.

So I called Home Depot and asked if they would price match the NEST and they said YES!     I went straight there and showed them the picture I had on my phone of the Lowes sale and she instantly matched it.  I didn’t have to wait for a manager or deal with a grumpy employee.  I dealt with Chrissy, she was upbeat and happy to help me out.  This is the kind of customer service that keeps me coming back to Home Depot.  The employees are happy to help you.  If you ask them where something is they will take the time and follow you down to the product to make sure you get what you are looking for and answer any questions.  Lowes is the opposite, usually you have to interrupt the employees chatting with each other then they point and say ” If we have it it’s down there”.

I am not saying Home Depot is perfect as I ranted before about the pocket hose debacle. but in general I like Home Depot, I like the way they treat me as a customer and the way they do business.  Comment below and let us know what your favorite big box store is.