No matter how good your tool is, it still doesn’t matter unless you have a quality blade making the cut.  In recent years I have been hooked on Bosch blades.  They just seem to produce a great cut and they last.  Recently we were introduced to Spyder blades.  Now I am not going to say I have a lot of experience with these blades, but I can say so far they seem like they are strong, clean and they last cut after cut.

Spyder blades are made in Germany.  Now I am not sure about you, but when I hear things are made in Germany, I tend to think quality.  Spyder has some unique angles to them such as a very fast turn when cutting wood.  Also, you can see in the video below that some of the blades are notched out.  They claim this helps with heat build up, which does seem logical.  Less heat on a blade, means longer life.

buyamazon1Spyder Jigsaw Blades


You can also check out Spyder blades on their main site – Spyder Jigsaw Blades

Let us know your experience with these blades.  How have they held up and what are your thoughts?