I am a huge fan of Estwing Hammers for three reasons.  First, they are built in the USA.  Second, they are built in my community.  Well close to my community.  The third reason is they are a quality hammer.  I remember a while back when I worked for a snow plow company.  I went to Estwing to put a bid for their lot.  During this visit, the guy took me around and showed me the ins and outs to Estwing.  One thing I remember was how powerful the machines were that stamped the hammer.  I was about 15′ away and I could feel the ground shake every time the two pieces came together.  The hammer is one of the most widely used tools and just about every house owns one.  So we thought this might be a good segment and talk about two hammers from Estwing, the roofing hammer and the Ultra Series.

Ultra Series Leather Hammer

Estwing offers a couple different types in this series.  You can either get a smooth face or Milled Face.  Also, you can pick between a couple of different weights.  You have the option of a 15 oz. or 19 oz.  We went with the 15 oz smooth face.  I have to say this is one of my favorite hammers.   First, because of the comfort.  I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of the leather grip, but for me, I love it.  Not only is it cool looking, but it’s strong and will hold up.  Plus I like the old school look.  The hammer is forged from one piece of steel which gives it a huge advantage over other hammers.  The one piece hammer will hold up much longer under heavy abuse. On the head of the hammer there is also a nail puller.  It is located in a nice position so you really do get great leverage when pulling nails.

All in all this is a great hammer.  The weight, comfort and just knowing this will last through heavy abuse.

Roofing Hammer

By no means am I a roofing expert, but I have done a couple of roofs in the past. So one thing I really wanted to check out was the Estwing roofing hammer.  Estwing offers two different roofing hammers.  Both are milled faced, but one is considered lightweight since it only weighs 2.04 lbs.  The other weighs 2.63 lbs.

Estwing uses a shock absorbing grip on these hammers.  In order to accomplish this the grip is permanently bonded and molded to the handle.  When swinging this hammer, I have to say it does feel nice.  As with their nail hammer above, this is also forged from one piece of steel.  Which means this hammer can handle years of abuse.  The user can also replace the gauge and blades very easily, which is always a key.

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I try to stay neutral when we do reviews, but for this one it’s hard.  They are a local company and I like seeing tools being built in the USA.  I hate seeing jobs leave because of cheaper labor elsewhere.  While I do understand why companies move production overseas, I don’t have to like it.  If you are looking for a great hammer and one that is still being built in the USA, go with the Estwing.  It’s quality and will last a lifetime.