We were contacted a while back about this new concept called the Hammerhead.  After hearing about the concept, we thought it was pretty cool and decided on trying one out.

The Hammerhead is a cross between an autohammer and a right angle impact.  Yes, it does both.  All the user has to do is move a switch located on the top and you can change between the two tools.  When you’re using the autohammer feature, the tool comes with a bit you insert into the hex collet.  When not in use, you can store it on the tool.  When you want to move to an impact, just take the bit out of the 1/4″ quick release collet and insert the bit you need.

The Autohammer is powered by a 12 volt Lithium-ion battery which takes 30 minutes to fully charge and 5 minutes to charge to 10%.

Nail capacityup to 8D (2-1/2”)
Wood/drywall screw capacityup to #8×3”
Lag screw capacityup to 3/8″x3″
Motor12.0V DC
SwitchVSR (Variable Speed Reversible)
No-load speed0-2,100 RPM
Impact per minute3,500 IPM
Auto Hammer beats per minute3,500 BPM
Maximum torque (Impact Driver)700 in.lbs
Collet size (Impact Driver)1/4 in.
Nail capacity (Auto Hammer)2-1/2 in.
Tool Weight2.45 lbs.


So is this tool for you?  Well only you can decide that.  If you deal with small spaces, you might find a need for this tool.  That’s where this tool could shine.  Personally I own a craftsman Autohammer and have never used mine.  Now that is not a knock against the Hammerhead, but it’s just a very specific application you would use for this.  One downside to this tool is the battery is integrated into the tool.  So if the battery dies, you can’t change the battery and insert a new one to finish the job.  Also if the battery fails, the tool fails.  While it is backed by a two year warranty, three if you register it, you are still down without a tool.  Now it’s hard for me to sit here and really tell you about this tool.  This tool is new to the market, so I am not sure how well they are built, if they have a defect or use an inexpensive battery that doesn’t last.  While it feels solid, I don’t really know anything about the company or the tool.  Currently it is sold only at Lowes.